Friday, December 19, 2008

A day before my camp

Whee . .. Tomorrow I will be heading to Templer Park t0 camp . . . This is my first camping trip ler, never done this before. Feel very excited now. Haha, go templer park don't need spend alot of money lo, it is a cheap trip indeed . ok, last minute preparation . . .

All the stuffs needed for 2d 1N

My first Aid Kit ..

Salts . . very important! can kill the bloodsucker(not vampire k, i mean pacat haha)

Foods and 3in1 drinks.. enough to survive

Charcoal.. and fire starter. Useful in set up firecamp..

Fire cracker.. can sked the wild boar away and can have fun! I wanna bring the 15inch wan, haha, but sked police catch... lolx

Clothes and water + torch lightSleeping bag..

Lastly, a good travelling bagWHOOPS.. not to forget a camera (^o^)

See you all on sunday then . . . Godspeed !

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