Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bbq birthday party..

Yesterday I supposed to yamcha with my classmates but so coincidentally yesterday is also my Sis 22nd birthday ! .. It was a joint birthday's party .. mean that one birthday's party consist of two 'lui ju kiok' . . hahaha, another main character on that day was a very cute little girl which is my ---> Grandfather punya big daugther punya daugther punya daughter . . in short.. she is my niece ( that mean Im a uncle already.. Omg!)..

lady in red shirt is my Sister

My niece.. very cute wan..

It was a bbq party... woah, bbq is my favourite, I had ate so much chicken's wings and sosej.. haha, and drank beers and wine.. woot! .. haih.. not dare to drink much cause parents are around.. lolx.. can't wait for trip to langkawi .. wakakaka... *I'm not an alcoholic k*. The cakes was bought from Secret Recipe which is 'white chocolate'.. wao, very nice eh .. I think it is better than chocolate banana and chocolate indulgence...

My expert super delicious bbq chicken wings

White chocolate from Secret Recipe

One of the four bottles of wine we had drank .. haha

This few days, eat and drink so much until I feel that my body also bulat liao.. haiz, today have to double my jogging duration to ease my guiltiness.. hahaha..

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