Wednesday, August 19, 2009

update update

Wassup wassup ! Yo Yo

*Cough + Sneeze*

my blog dusty liao AGAIN... haha. Okay la, wait me clean the dust first ah..

*Fooooo . .. foooooooo*

No, I not calling u shin yeen, I just blowing dust away. hehe

Wow, there are lotsa to catch up since I abandon my blog for awhile. Nah, lazy to blog it back la.. I not that long winded apek.. haha

Neway, I am enjoying my Uni mid term break now.. happy ! It also mean that my previous two mega project that I had participated have come to the end.

During Monday, I have went to GENTING with my xiaxang's gang.

What ! Genting again? no sienz meh??

Nonono, this time is different, ; )
For your information, I am now 100% adult d... I mean my age la..
Haha, for years I have been curious about this place. My parents alway dump me wandering around genting when they visit that place. This mysterious place could make people super happy till they jump around First World like nobody business and also it might cause people to lie flat on floor like turtle and cry pathetically.

FINALLY! I could throw my IC to the guard on their face and walk in like Chow Yun Fatt.. wakaka.. Unfortunately, some of us, still underage and we have done a lot tricks to fool the guard. Well, the tricks were working some time and everyone has at least successfully sneaked inside the casino EXCEPT !


This jialat fella have attempt ALL the availaible casino's entrance and yet, been stopped by guard. Speaking of this, we have try a super risky + foolish idea. I had borrowed quinn my IC and told him to show the guard. Just show the DOB is good enough and try to cover the photo.. Damn! The guard doubt the IC, and gave quinn a hard time. Both of them chat for so long. I am waiting at outside, worried that quinn would be in trouble and feared that my IC would confiscated.

THX GOD, the guard is quite lenient and after quinn exposed his true identifcation, the guard let him go, and ths god I get back my IC as well.. hahahaha. well, just don't try this stupid trick liao..
Anyway, from that point on, with have decided to honour quinn with a sibeh yeng title.. which is

"Prince of cannot enter casino, CONFIRM!"

Well, back to casino staff.. I have actually place some bet in it.. thinking that every beginner would have some luck, I try lor.. but end up lose rm25.. Aiyah, no luck in gambling la. Sad.

Happy time fly so fast and now is already wed. Shit, my assignments. Yet to touch. Saw quinn screaming in msn.. "Os gonna die" .. haih. I aware that I should back to PJ early to do my assignmet. Argh, tell me how to fan off the temptation of sticking at home??? (-_-")

Ok la.. need time to seriously think about this. Everybody enjoy ur assignment week ya..
Opps, holiday ya.. hehe

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