Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My 2nd and 3rd Birthday celebration...

In a blink of eyes . . . I have reached a world that hold no border . In my previous post.. As you can see, I have celebrated my be-early birthday celebration with my family. Thanks to my bunch of good, nice, leng zai and leng lui Uni frenz.... they have organized a beautiful birthday celebration for me and Emily(Another birthday girl which has the same birth date with me). Wow, seriously speaking. This is my first birthday celebration organized by friends . I Never celebrate my birthday on the actual day till yesterday.. (^_^) wow... amazing

I am very happy. *Punch my chest 2 times , wink*

Celebration took place in Dragon-i . . . Seriously, foods there are not kidding... expensive. But the service quality is good.

Took a lot of photos .. and only manage to upload some (which only consist of my face. Most of the photos are about MTs... hahahah) ..


The famous siu long pao

My order... rices that serve in pile

Everybody.. Except the camera-holder(Frank)

Posing Cindy's Poss .. I think Phlip done better

Figuring how much the bill's cost ??

Beautiful birthday cake

Emily... The birthday girl

Rachel and me

Cindy and Me

Cat and me

Esther and Me

Cute Magshi and Me

Yeen , Me and Bee

Me and Yeen

My jia-lat room-mate

Just for u Quinn .. I offer u a valuable space in my blog to upload this !

Back to coll before 11pm to celebrate my birthday again ! . . . With my CC's family lor. Very happy that so many people so 'give face' , willing to come down despite that they are so occupied with assignments . Wow, yesterday is such a gift. Best day ever in this year.


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