Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short update..

Long time never update my post adi ya... No mood to blog recently.

No reason.

Well, not that nothing interesting were going on , in fact there were several exciting occasions that are fun to talk about. Just.... Not in blogging mood.

Well, just touch up about my routine today..

Now, time is 2 : 33am

location : PHILIP's house's guest room.. Sleeping alone

In short. Several friends of mine (Frank, Quinn, Jun yen) and were staying overnight at his house. For the sake of convenience to reach Sheraton hotel in strategic time. Hahaha.. Frankly. Just don feel like follows the other 700++ 10th residents to cramp inside buses with my 'extraordinary' wear.

Hmm.. wish to write more. But,

Tired and sleepy now..

Update more on tomorrow la... Bye...

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