Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Politic talk 2

While driving back to home after a great day of work, I listened to radio BFM channel. And today topic was interesting. Today topic was about corruption issue and someone was invited from PEMANDU agency to join the forum.

Well, I am quite loss and uninterested about what the PEMANDU guys got to say. But, when they started to receive call from random radio listeners, things get interesting.

The discussion turn out to be focusing on police force vs traffic offender corruption. Those callers were all giving their 2cent about the reason why such a corruption hard to cope. Some blaming the policemen and some supporting the policemen and blame the giver instead.

I got to say, both side of story is sounding concrete. But I think when we say about PDRM, people only think about street bribery. Even government joined the bandwagon and engineer out a lot of solution to subdue this street bribery.

Gosh. Why people can become so short-sighted. Why make a big hoo-haa about this petty street bribery when it hurt no one?

First, why does street bribery take place ? The giver (traffic offender) offer the bribe is because the actual summon ticket would cost a bomb. Enough with all sort of insane taxes they need to pay and with ever increasing cost of living, you could imagine how gracious if they could save the extra few hundreds in order to put more foods on the table !

I am shocked when I found out from the caller that she did asked the policemen why he is asking for bribe. The answer was too hard to bear when the policemen said he got 4 kids to feed with his only RM1,200 peanuts.

But wait, I am not saying that street bribery is correct and I endorse it. I do understand some road bully who sped insanely on road while endangering others shall be punished !

Wouldn't you think that out of all sort of corruption out there, street bribery should be placed on the most bottom of list ? I believe if the big loop holes on our idiotic government systems could be plugged for once and all, the rest petty corruption will varnish on its own.

If MACC or PEMANDU or whatever rebranding agency are really serious on combating PDRM corruption. Then please take your hand and rub your groin.

Check if there are pair of hanging balls still attached for godsake. And go for the large fish ! Go after the corruption involving drugs and illegal gambling centre business. This is type of corruption that we require no forgiving. The giver gave because they want their business to prosper and earn more sinful money even by corrupting the public, and the taker is due to their greed. Noted, the taker have to be someone with power and and status in the PDRM.

Heck, if integrity of big shots in PDRM is highly questionable, how could you expect the grass root policemen would abide by the rule ? Sometime, I feel very pity for those petty policemen. People spitting on them and the government slaughtered them like black sheep. Big shots who received enormous chunks from underworld taikun get away with it and remain anonymous while those little policemen who trying to make their end meet sometime get scolded straight on their face by agitated aunties who have so much money that few hundreds ringgit worth of summon is chicken feed.

Is time to reshuffle the PDRM organization. In order to do that, government needed to be changed as well.  And that is a must.

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