Friday, April 24, 2009

quicky update

Everyone is blogging about wednesday papers . . Frank blog about it, shin yeen blog about it and the list go on . . . since it so popular thing to blog about, then I shall blog about it too.

Ya, ya . . . 2 papers in one day. And this two subject is sooooo time consuming to study and revise. One with a thick book to read, and another with no book provided. Good thing hor.. man man wait la..  

HELL NO.. it cause me to travel till library and borrow one super thick, thick, and medium book to read ! kanasai . At the end of the day, I burning my time trying to digest the books. Because of this, I only start reading my SE at the last 6 hour before the exam date. DIU AI 99!

Comparing to last sem, I used to sleep at 5-6 at morning during study week and woke up at 12 in noon. Meaning to say that I could stay up till very late to study.


This sem I old liao... Once the clock reach 2am++ I beh ta han adi.. Salute to philip, frank , etc... they still could stay up till very late. Even a day before exam lor. Sources said that Shin Yeen and her gang slept at 5 before exam and Philip slept at 7AM! sleep one hour can tahan for 4 freaking hour of exam . .  si beh geng la. . young people nowadays are really geng..  old fart like me really cannot match jor.. haih.

Thank to my old fart's disease, I have adequate sleep before exam. And with one 'essence of chicken'. I manage to crawl in and crawl out from that freaking battlefield in one piece and still have the concentration to play few round of dotA . But, I din do that, instead I going mid v with several friends to eat and watch movie .

Myth said that padinton(a restaurant) serve a very large portion of foods. And people will crawl out from that place due to over-full with their stomach bloated as big as watermelon and can last for 3 day and 3 night without eat, so the myth said. . . .  

Well . .  no big deal lor.

Quinn and I ate our portion till 'beauty can see the mirror' and could even help others(who is lying on sofa and keep saying that they are si beh full) to clean their plate. Chiu.. 
The myth is busted !

Nvm of that..  let talk about the movie. We watched 'sniper'. Star by richie ren, edison chan and xxx(forget , very yeng one). 

Nice gun, nice sound, nice effect, nice men, nice musle, nice ass, nice watch, nice this and that but NO NICE GIRL. .  . NIABEH .. =.=  (girl will surely love this movie).

CSA is coming soon. Look like my engine have to restart again .. haiz. Old engine o my Old engine.. no turbo, no nitros and dusty surface..  tahan ah... two more week to go.. !

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Carlson said...

Waa... Ur exam still have two more weeks only over?? Long time 2 go ohh... Anyway, after that must come out 'yumcha' ady... =) Gud luck yea...