Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holim's house's neigbour's house got big thing happen !

Wow, today I got a very interesting incident to tell .  .  .

For your information, I have return to my house since yesterday night. Back to my house around 11pm after supper-ing with my parents, after that on9-ing , gaming, chadao-ed by yiyen post, back to gaming, watch movie and bla bla bla. . . . skip skip skip . ..  

Ok, here come the interesting part...

Tonight around 7.30pm, my neighbour's house was broke in by thief ! sorry, almost broke in..

That time, my neighbour were out for dinner. Whole family were out and left their home empty. Well, their son which is older than me around 2-3 years finally found a girl friend and he brought her to meet his family. Then all of them out for dinner some where so that his mother can interrogate his gf detailly .. (Omg, why I so kepoh).
I am hanging around living hall and with all the sudden I saw my neighbour(everyone in their family) jump out from their car with haste and with a very serious look rush into their house and shout "chat ah.. chat ah" .  

Wooooow... My father is so excited and search for his weapon, a very thick bamboo stick (bought long time ago to protect the house and to beat the hell of some unlucky bastard, now he see the chance to use it) . Well, I just simply grab a wood and joined my father.   Not even a minute pass, dozen of strong men from all over the neighbourhood came. Everyone is holding a piece of weapon, wood, golf stick, metal bar, baseball bat.. Together, everyone search every corner of the house. 

I followed the crowd... No one know whether the thiefs is still inside or not. We search high and low. Along the way, I am thinking.. what is the chances for the thief to survive?? There are dozen of strong men with solid and fatal weapon on their arm... Just one shot from everyone is more than enough to kill him several times. 

That bastard is lucky.. We can't found him. However, nothing has been stole. So, we start to search at the surrounding. We try to search at drain(our drain is deep and large enough to hide a person) , roads and etc... Nothing.. he already run the hell of it. After investigation.. the thief is trying to break in from back door. Fortunate enough, some neighbours saw that incident and called my neighbours. The fast action from  the neighbourhoods had scared the thief away. 

There is been a long time since I heard a break-in case in my neighbourhood. Last time, the thiefs got away with the stuffs and money. The slow action of police personnel which only arrive 1 hour later was not helping. Since then I never heard any break-in case already. 

Frankly speaking, my area is not safe recently. Car's break-in... snatch-thiefing, house breaking, tyres go missing and few more criminal activities were so active and it happen in a matter of weeks as if my area have tonnes of BMW, banglos and ahpek/ahmah wearing gold watch and necklace. Actually, the truth behind this is, not long ago, there is a security company want to establish a guarding system around my area. But, no one agreed with the proposal because there isn't much of security problem over that place. The company waste a lot of their time to propose their plan from house to house. But no one seem to give a damn about it. Since then, a lot of criminal activities happen. Haiz.. Seem like watching movie. Nothing we can do. We got no proofs or whatever. Unless we get to catch one of those criminal and force them to reveal the culprit.. IF that unlucky bastard is still alive to talk about it. 

Anyway . .this time a bit different. You know, last time when there are any house-breaking stuffs happen, as usual every hero from each neighbours will rush out to lend a hand including my father. But every time, my pap will ask me to stay inside house for my own safety. This time, he din said that. He even give an opinion of what kind of weapon I should use because at first I grabbed a broom's stick which is very long and  hard to use (to bash people in crowd) and change it to a medium long wood. Well, it mean that my father see me as an adult. Not a kid anymore.. Good to see that.


夜猫呆呆 said...

yoyoyo~~Ho Lim is the man~

yen Ho said...

walao!!!! totally let u zhadou by da sentence tat u said ur dad finally found a chance to use da thick bamboo stick=.=

ur neighbourhood so good...last time got break-in case,no one seems to help out in my neighbourhood.

holimAr,u 21 years old d, so old, for sure ur dad treat u as adult la~~~lalala~~

holim said...

u also 21 liao la.. I think ur parents see you like a big baby lor.. lmao

ivana said...

erm i quite surprise tat nowadays still got such a good neighbourhood ,u never stay in a safe area but in a cooperative and gud area erm so envious i dun even know me neighbour(==.)

holim said...

hi ivana .. paiseh, cannot figure out who is you lor.. haha.

yen Ho said...

i m 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!