Thursday, June 7, 2012

Every Rich man, Need 500 Poor man

Could everyone in this world be wealthy ?

I come to a point, to understand that it is impossible for everyone to be rich. Even there is really a way to do it, but it will not be exercised.

Cause every rich man, need his own 500 poor man.

What is the point of being rich and wealthy but there is no one willing to serve you ?

It come to realization that most people is made / taught / engineered to be poor. Imagined for every 500 rich man, there is only 1 poor man to service them. Well the logic is pretty screwed as well. The high demand for that man service will soon make the poor man become rich too.

This is the law and ways created by human. And it has been like that for centuries. Well, I have no comment about how our system run, nor I have the sufficient power to change the other way round. So, I decided to play by the rule. But have an oath to join the rich man path.

I need my own 500 poor man to service me too. Hope you are not one of them.