Saturday, November 20, 2010


My internship is going to meet it end, real soon. And hence, end my 6 months of pre-working life.

Hence, end of car-poolship with 4 friends of mine.

Hence, end of 10 minute morning walk to work

Hence, end of cheap lunch at cheap floor together

and hence, end of a lots of tiny things that we seldom notice.

Whatever it is, I am truly enjoy whatever that happened in past 6 months. My life had been treating me so good all this while. If this is a blessing from God, then I wanna say, Thanks You from my heart. Thanks for arranging 3 fine ladies as my lunch partner, dinner partner, and morning walk partner. When my colleague who had been working beside me for the past 4 months had left, Frank joined the boat and kept me from doing thing alone.

There was once time, I boast about how lucky am I for having 3 fine ladies car-pooling with me. A friend of mine assure me that I won't think like that after 2-3 months later. But I want to prove him wrong. I am having fun and honor for being their driver. To the extend that I will be disappointed  if anyone of them not following my car. And to the extend that, I do not need their share in petrol money, they still insist to pay me anyway.

Whatever it is, is all past.
Lets kept it as fun memory, and start looking forward. One thing for sure, I am IN NEED of meeting new faces. This past 6 months, had been slowly poisoning my mind. As if my world had only few girls and handful of friends. Not that it is not good. This is good ! But bad in certain way.

I need to meet new faces. It is difficult, but I know it is the best for me. Eagerly waiting for new Sem to start.

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