Saturday, December 4, 2010

Farewell & Welcome

December is here ! Which bring smell of Christmas.

Suppose it mean the end of Everyone Internship and indicate the fun, vocation, rest or whatever that you want to do on your holiday.

However, I get no holiday this December. Because I get extended for another month of industrial training at my company. Now that all of my friends had finished their intern and went back to their hometown, I have to start use to work alone.

Past few days, I had been helping my friends to move their furniture and stuffs to their new house. The current rented house that we were living for 1year and half, would be vacate soon. Some find new house with new house-mate, and some absorbed into other 'family'. Strange though, I don't have a slightest 'miss' on this house.

For me, I would moving back into college life. Instead of 10 college, I go for 8th as 10th is no more the same as last time. It had became a foreigner college. The study room that we used to hang out and make noise had really became an actual silent study room. Slowly erasing all the memory's trace step by step. Hence I would be joining TatSo in 8th college and I believe he and I would be a good room-mate. Haha

Hoho, just realize that I have officially depart from my room-mate. I knew we had been room-mate for a.... long period. But I never actually did count how long it was. Hmm, let see... We had been room-mate since...

Omg, First year ! and then one year and half in this rented house. So if my calculation is not that bad, it mean 2 years and half already. I would not say I miss him, because it sound Gay, but I will wish him to have a merrier life in his new nesting ground.

Seriously I am not a good room-mate. Although we had been sleeping side-by-side for freaking 2years +, but we never actually open-up to each other. I knew that you are hiding something deep inside your heart. You act cool and humor outside but in fact, you have a wound inside your heart.

Well, sorry for being a bad room-mate which provide you insufficient security to open-up. Hope you could find some good buddy for that okay.

So, Adios my room-mate ;-)

And welcome our new chapter of  Uni Life !


Legend said...

Hey Ho lim, was wondering you want to go for Fireworks shooting on the 31st at the rooftop carpark of 1U.

Choose 1U because other places would be crowded. Desa park city will be jam with nothing to do and the fireworks isn't as spectacular as 1U.

KL area... probably won't even have space to park.

The car park area in 1U would probably be relatively empty as everyone is on the ground floor partying.

Gears needed is a tripod and a remote trigger if you have. ND filter might be useful too.

holim said...

Yes Yes !!! I am super interested XD
Count me in hehe