Friday, December 10, 2010

Die for coward, Courage for living

Today, my mood is just mess up. Just like Joey, maybe my psychology is imbalance too after reading the, I believe this would be 2010 hottest FB news about a youngster take his own life because he get dumped by his ex.

Yea yea yea, a lot said that we should stop commenting about this as he already dead. No point of doing this already.

Oh , is it true ? No point ???? I am agree that whoever go to his funeral and scold in front of his dead body is absolutely idiot. Cause there is no point of scolding a dead man. He won't be able to listen anymore. In fact, we should do that when he is still alive.

But, I am going to comment further on this. So, is this mean that I am scolding myself an idiot ? Or being heartless ?

No, I don't think so. By commenting on this especially on social network, we are actually trying to tell the world that this kind of act is so fucking Wrong !!! And I don't agree with it. With a number of 22 K of blog counter, I am doing my job as a part of concern society.

This guy, Alviss Kong. Is a young adult at the age of 22. Same age as me and but had the mentality of 12 years old kid. If a guy of his age still cant think with rational mind, then how about teenager this days? The part that I am totally piss of is, he think what he do is Correct ! He want to prove that his love toward the girl he like is on the ultimate level that no guys in the earth can compare with him. So how he gonna walk his talk ?

By die ! This shit...... might had bring new era of love definition to youngster who still do not fully develop their brain. By die, they can proof to the girl that they seriously love her. I am seriously worry about this trend right now. Especially when some one like me who have a younger brother at home.

His parents, who had been working all their life to bring him up. Not to mention that his mother had suffer 10 months of labor pain to have him born. And all this 22 years can't even compare to this short-lived relationship. And the part that I am totally loss my cool is when he tell his parents...

"Please love each other more and never hate her". Oh, he is still concern about his family and dare to advise them to take care of themselves and love each other more. He is trying to bring out a scene like he is going for a noble suicidal mission of bombing the asteroid like Armageddon. A suicidal is being the highest level unfilial son. One can treat their parents bad, one can even dare to beat their parents. But all of this, can't even compare to the sin of taking out own life which is given by parents.

No matter how bad you are, at worst, parents sometime will beat you or curse you bad luck, but no parents in the world would wish their child dead. He has been doing the worst possible thing in his life, and what make him think that he is qualify to advise his family to love each other more ? And to make the matter worst,

Don't hate her.. is my decision. He is even teaching and directing his family to what to feel and hate. I can understand if he die while protecting Obama and manage to utter few last words to his family before his breath run out "Oh, my family, please love each other more as I won't be here for you guys, and please don't hate the president because the country need him. and I proud protecting him". If so, I would make him my life's idol.

So what is Alvin Kongs point?
He said he had lost the will of live so he choose dead. Well, I just saw a quote from my friend, it said
"it is impossible for me to make you love me.. but.. it is possible for me to make you remember me till the end of your life".
Is this his real motive? Well, if it so, I wondering how much his love worth. By doing this, he want this girl to live in sorrow for the rest of her life as she will keep reminding this. So, this is his noble way to prove his love or just plain self fish ?

If you are a buddha believer, you will knew that suicide is a deadly sin. The soul would be rejected both by sky and earth. Hence the soul will be eternally roaming on earth forever. According to Taoist believe, once a people suicide, the soul will everyday repeat the suicide act forever. For his case, he will either roaming on earth forever without getting a chance to reborn or jumping from the same building, same floor and same time everyday.

Rest In Peace ????  Good luck

Okay, I am almost done. So, I would hold my fire down and talk something more on moral value. Hey youngster out there. To die is not hard at all, it is so easy in fact. Take a knife and cut your wrist, you can die. Jump out to highway, you can die. Drink Dettol, you can die. Swallow up pills, you can die in no pain. And a million ways I can tell you how to die. But,

Remember this, DIE require no courage. DIE is for coward who afraid to live their life.

To LIVE , require courage.. So, whoever think that Alviss is so brave to die for his love, whack your silly face and think again. For all people like me and you who are still reading my blog, you are a courage one because you choose to live your life

And Give a big clap to yourself =)


k@hy3@n said...

ya .. he seriously disturbed every1's mood ... >_<

夜猫呆呆 said...

yah, totally agree that his mentality is just 12 years old kid. It's terrible to say that the only love in his world is that gal. oh shit. that annoyed me.

Legend said...

I'm actually really surprised by the amount of attention he received.
People suicide everyday around the world for a lot of dumb reasons. That's an undeniable fact.
But this particular one has drawn so much attention compared to the other thousands of unnatural death occurring every day.
You've people making pages and groups about him !!!

Sometimes... people should just really not make such a big fuss over a relatively small matter. Nevertheless, it's interesting.