Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 3, 2011

I am on the midst of Hellish Weeks.

But I think I won't grunt about it here. It just make me more tired to think about it. This make me recall a lesson taught by a highly spiritual remarkable person.

A housewife is washing alot alot of plates after dinner. Hence she keep on grunting while washing the plate. She said:

"I have so much plates to wash right till I can't feel my hand anymore. I have to wash like this everyday since so many years ago. Argh !! Just thinking that tomorrow and day after tomorrow I still need to wash this enormous amount of plates. This is driving me Crazy !"

So the housewife complained. From the story, though the housewife is currently washing the plates, but she is actually washing yesterday plates and futures to come plates at the same time. And she have been washing that previous , current and future amount of plates everyday !!

haha, so what can you deduce from the story ?


janet h said...

i think she's too busy complaining to realise what she could have done AFTER she's done washing those dishes, haha :P do i even make sense!

Alderica said...

Good story this, I must definitely remember it... I'm much too prone to take on yesterday's and tomorrow's stuff as well as today's. Thanks for those words of wisdom!