Monday, March 28, 2011

Dark side of University

Some time, I think lecturer is the people who can't stand to compete in corporate world. They failed to climb up the corporate ladder and hence escape from the cruel reality.

In University, they are forever the boss in the their own kingdom. In whatever arguments, they always have the final say. Not that students acknowledge their defeat or whatover, but it come to a point that remind the student about their grade is on stake.

Lecturer always have the final say and never ever admit their fault. When they starting to round the garden with their explanation and then further elaborate it to god-only-know-are-we-still-on-earth-wtf? story.. at this point, we do not need a rocket scientist to tell us that they are trying real hard to save their asses.

Brilliant student should know by this point, stfu to save their grade. They can fail you for personal reason though, this is the power of lecturer. Imba

That is some sneak peak of dark side in University for those who are going to start their Uni life later.

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