Thursday, April 14, 2011


At last the heaviest storm had passed and I am able to see some ray from the sun penetrating the dark cloud.

Whatever hell happened, is gone.

Now I am comfortably caving in my room with air-con freezed up but doing my report. Well, after to what have been gone through, this feel like chicken feet =)

I have been abusing my body so badly lately. Due to unbearable tension and pressure of my study, I have been seriously kill my body inside out.

I ate uncontrolably all the time without watching my diet. Gosh, and I am developing an application for diabetes management ! How ironic.

My biological clock is totally mess up. I have sleep so less for the past few weeks and to do that, I drank god-know cup of coffees in order to deceive my mind and body. Now, I have to drank a serious amount of coffee in order to get the effect as I am immune to normal caffein dosage already.

I am totally aware of this abused all the while. But I choose to ignore for my study purpose. Now that the hellish period had passed and just some small fries to pawn, is time to make the thing right again.

First thing to tackle is, my body weight !

Above is me eating KFC one year ago.

And this, is me eating (always eat ><) at some cafe one month ago. Even me get shocked seeing myself in the photo XD. Haha.. no doubt that I have a serious weight issue to tackle.

So, I have set today April 15, 2011 as the date I begin my intensive weight lost mission called

SeiFeiHai => FeiLunHai

 Hahaha, I have successfully done it once during my first year. But the way I did is too stupid and highly condemned by all. So this time I will do it in a healthy way. 

Well, action speak louder than word and let see how determined I can be.
Too all fatso in the world who had been abusing their body just like me, good luck to you and myself.



Shahana said...

You didn't say how you will loose weight. By eating less? or what?

holim said...

Good Day Shahana =)

Haha, Actually I had planned to update my blog daily about my progress.

Going to do that soon ;-)

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