Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Settle Down @ 8th

Finally settled down at my new nesting ground. After one year and half living outside with friends, now I am moving back to college's life.

I have been rolling and measuring my house floor since last Friday. Finding a lot of excuse to stay at home as long as possible to compensate my sacrificed holiday due to Internship extension. Finally, I had managed to kick my own butt and so

Here I am, sitting in my new room (shared with other 2 roomie) and writing some random post here.

I had attended my first co-curriculum class today. I had taken guitar ! Haha. Maybe some of you don't know, as a matter of fact I had bought myself a guitar since one year ago. Well, due to aching fingers, time constraint, study, have other better stuffs to do (and a lot of excuses) I had cold-storage my guitar into a never-knew-it-exist cupboard.

It is kinda waste to do so, hence I taken up this guitar class and hope that I could at least play a song or two at the end of sem. You know ? we need to perform on the stage at final sem ! Nice, this will motivate me to learn it seriously as I don't wanna to screwed up the show.

Tomorrow will be my first lecture. Well, I am missing faculty so much after 6 months of being a cheap labor for corporate world. Now I am back to school again, I will definitely appreciate the remaining time.

It is been a while I don't tag along my crappy photos along with posts, and only write stuffs related to my daily routine. So, I guess I had ran out of topic then...

That all from me till now, can't wait to meet up my course-mate tomorrow. Ciao ~

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