Sunday, January 23, 2011


Kelly Sis is trying something new this year. She is trying to sell cookies for upcoming CNY celebration. So, this is a very great opportunity for me to try food photography on her cookies.

I choose afternoon whereas sunlight is very sufficient for me to snap sharp photo using high shutter speed but with low ISO to lower noises.

With help from Brother Ming, he gave ideas and decorate the surrounding with some normal cloth. I use about 2 hours of time to snap only 8 types of cookies and out of so many photos, I choose the best and do some post-processing.

Haha ! Craving for CNY cookies ??? Well, since Kelly Sis had treated me so good all the while, I would like to help her to promote her small business right here. Notice the email that written below the cookies name ?

Ya, that is her email

She is selling rm12 per container of cookies which contain at least 50 pieces. Well folks, there is still one week left and there is still time to place order ya.

KK , advertisement time out !

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