Sunday, January 16, 2011

R . I . P My Loyal Dog

Milo was ailing. It can't stand nor sit.

Just lying down waiting her time to come.

Last week, I still managed to bring her out for a walk. She was slow and have to sit down for every few meters of walk. However, she was still pretty healthy that time.Recalling few years back, she was strong like a mad cow. She pulled me so hard till I have hard time to control her, but since then, she had been weaker day by day.

Yesterday I went back to my home after a hiking trip to Broga. She was lying down and breath heavily. Her limbs were like paralyzed. Only her eyes could roll around and a weak whipping from her tail when I came back. Sad, I must say.

My grandma said that she didn't not ate anything since days. She just lied down from day till night. So, we tried force her to drink and eat. We tried to give her grass and panadol as well.

Today, Sunday. I am so happy that finally I found a way to feed her. By using straw to flow water and milk into her mouth. And she ate quite a lot. However, she vomited all back. She breathing more and more heavily.

My mom think, Milo can't pass tonight.

9 PM, family and I were about going out for supper. We approached Milo to check on her. She was very weak already. Her eyes was half-close and breathing very heavily.

So, I patted her head and told her words.

Thanks for 8 years of your loyal  services
Now, we release you from duty.
And you may now rest in peace, my family.

When we came back from supper, Milo had gone.

8 great years with us, and now she had departed from us. Death is unavoidable and I understand that. So, I trying to be very optimistic. Thinking of past memory would just make me so sad, even cry.

So, I would tried not to think about it. Not now......

Whatever it is, thanks for waiting me back home Milo. You will not be forgotten.

May you free from enmity and danger
May you free from mental suffering
May you free from physical suffering
May you take care of yourself with happiness


夜猫呆呆 said...

what a sad post.

Kate said...

:( I'm so sorry about Milo.

yen Ho said...

Loyal dog always wait to have a last glance of all its family members be4 gone.

金龙 said...


LEe YiN said...

yen, really de..
last time my doggy also wait me to come back from camp only say byebye to all of us.. T.T

yen Ho said...