Monday, February 7, 2011

A little sum up

Argh !!

I told myself to write something about this CNY but I had postponed it till now. In short, it was another great CNY celebration with family.

Yep, only with family. Don't know why, I don't feel like hanging out at other place other than my house. Suppose this coming sunday, I shall be following my friends for a Ang Pao 'ripping' tour just like every year, but I don't feel like going at all.

Yea, it is been a time since I met them and this will be a great opportunity for us to catch up. Erm.. let see how then.

Haha ! Speaking about Ang Pao... I am richer by few hundred buck. Initially, I planned to use this to buy a flash gun for my 4K. But when the money is on my grip, I feel reluctant to do so already. Argh !

I knew that an external flash is what it take for my 4K to 'perform' in any condition given. Should I kept that money and nibble bit by bit or go for the flash ??

Oh Gosh, this month I have to pay for my life insurans and medical card already. Not to mention that my laptop is on the brink of sayonara. Money money and money..... should I try one time lottery to gamble on a super slim luck ? LOL

I wouldn't do that.. I will rather buy their share and wait for their dividend.

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Carlson said...

Good mindset, invest as young as possible to retire rich and young.
Good luck and happy new year. =)