Saturday, February 26, 2011

For my passion, to other benefit

Now is already week 8 in my study semester, believe it or not I have just fix my thesis title. As a matter of fact, I have chosen my thesis title as early as anyone else. Besides, I am working together with Junyen in the same title. Thanks to him, he had inspired me to do something with mobile app development since it is hot recently. So, we are happy with the title at first, planning to do something using GPS  function. But only to find out later that the proposed title had already been in market for quite a time and it outdo our proposed feature a lot. So, we were disappointed and having the dilemma. Losing our mood for few days and keep on thinking of something new. Choosing title from lecturer is already out of our mind for a long time ago.

At the end, I have came out with an idea which have something to do with OCR (Optical character recognition). We are so sure that it could be accepted by lecturer as we both think that it sound like a 'A' project. However, the lecturer do not really keen with the idea and she insist that even if it is acceptable, it would be one person project.

We resorted to travel our own part. Our lecturer keep on pushing her ideas / title to us which is mostly web base project. But we are strongly object it as we insisted to do something with mobile apps or devices such as RFID. Hence our lecturer stop pursuing us and start looking to modify our proposed title. There after, Junyen and I have our own interesting title which is still clinging on mobile computing.

Mine title, have something to do with diabetic person. And my passion grew from it as I know my apps could really help them in their daily life if it was successful. I am thrilled and fired up.

We chose the hard way which we know very little on it. Frankly, I have never done any mobile computing before, and to straightaway jump into that field and putting my thesis at stake might sound crazy. Some time, I will think why not just pick up any common title like e-commerce, e-library or etc and make my life easier. I already have the knowledge about it. Why I risk my thesis to do something I know nothing about ??

Maybe because of my internship period in IBM. After 7 months of crazy time developing application for Human Resources, they are actually implementing it right now. My manager put a very trust on the system which supposedly to deal up to hundred thousands of allowance distribution every month. I start to see my passion is to do something that could be useful and be appreciated.

Some intern, working for months is just to fulfill their course requirement and can't wait for another one minute to leave their company. I have extend my internship for another one month officially (get paid using intern rate) and two weeks unofficially which I don't get paid. But it is at my own will to complete whatever I started. Some might say, I am stupid to be used such a way. I know there are intern who get paid with full-time rate for their extension. But I don't see it such a way. From there, I bring a new attitude into university with me.

When looking on the title proposed by lecturer, everyone had start grabbing the title but I am still idling there waiting for more title to come. I have no idea what title I want, not that I think myself too good for those cheapskate title, but I was looking for something that is interesting and actually could be beneficial.

Out of desperation and fear, there is one time I lose my mind and almostly grab a title that had been idle there for quite a time. A boring title it was.. but it was due to peer pressure that everyone had chosen their title. Thanks to Junyen, he pulled me out and bring me into a new interesting world, mobile application.

My passion grew from it. This is where I will start enduring all the hardship for the next 10 months. But I am pretty sure with the passion and the benefit it could bring to the needy... all the hardship will be compensated just like my internship in IBM.


Anonymous said...

They have released a new software application which is very accurate and easy to use. Check it out:

Catherine said...

hmmm...then I guess ur thesis will be a bit like ours, a bit on artificial intelligence? if you are so interested, then u shd come networking, we got MOBILE COMPUTING, core sub to be taken in our final sem, with the killer lecturer, Mazlize. haha

holim said...

Thanks Nina ! I will surely look into it later on. That is a great help =)