Friday, February 11, 2011

A bigger sum up

CNY this year was as awesome like last year, but we have reduce the purchase of soft drink and junk foods as we learned from past experiences. Sibling and I have grown up therefor our desire on soft drink are significantly lower. Recalling few years back whereas Coke, Sandy and 100 plus were what I drank for whole CNY. First thing in the morning I would rush to fridge and gallop an icy cold of shandy. Same applied to afternoon before and after lunch, dinner and before sleep. Imagine the sugar intake I have !!

Sometime, I am envy on those people that could balik kampung for this festive season. I have been staying and celebrating CNY at KL for the past 20 years. I live in a big family which included my grandmother, hence I have nowhere kampung to back too. Well, guess I am a pure KL-lite. Anyway, this might be a blessing of safety on us. If you google OPS SIKAP, you would be surprise by the number of death toll within a week of CNY. This season, it stated 167 number of death toll. That is horrible and sad. Guess, I will be gracious for need not to endanger our life going and returning from kampung.

Hehe, wassup next ?? Firework la. I am a pure KL-lite, but have the guts to play firework just like most of the Kampung Boy. For what I think, a festive season without the companion of firework is boring and meaningless. Sound... is what it take to live up the surrounding.

Heard that government is planning to introduce firework permit for our residential level and we have a designed place to fire up our firework for safety purpose. Kinda stupid though, if all people going carrying their massive stock of firework, gather at a place, placing their bomb all around, and waiting instruction from police to fire up..... I think it could compete with the accident death toll at highway.

Speaking of Ang Pao !!! oooh my CNY all time favorite. This year, the 'harvest' is kind of prosperous. Well, my parents is always the most generous one and it make up 50-60 percent of the total, sometime, 80% though XD. More relatives getting married which mean more harvest can me made, lol.

As I mentioned before, I am still in dilemma whether to buy a flash gun for my 4K which is about rm500~600 or nibble it bit by bit.

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Legend said...

You don't need RM 500-600 to get a Flash.
Generally you can find a flash even from Rm 300 onwards.
Although I would recommend that you use the Nissin di622 mk2 instead because of it's TTL abilities and Build Quality.
If you have higher budget, can consider the Canon 320 EX. Should be around Rm 800+