Sunday, October 4, 2009

Interesting.. hehe

Let share some men's issue with you all here.. hahaha, since quite a while I never post interesting topic already.

As we men.. step into early adult age... which is 21 la, I believe that everyone of us have issue regard man & woman relationship stuffs. Maybe most of the nerd out there never have this issue la.. since they only love their books, books and only books in their room.

Well, don't you think that, to be fall in love is a torture? It could change one person almost immediately and stop being himself for a split second when he encounter the person he felt with. Aw, I really hate this kind of stuff. Out of nowhere, you tiba-tiba become so unnatural and watch yourself to behave properly. When you try to contact her via sms/msn... you need decades! to reply.. cause you are to kiasu about the message you are about to send. For me la.. this is what I think before I send a message if I got crush la...

How a coward message look like ....

1) message must sound humor .. tis one pretty jialat, I need to squeeze my mind thinking how to modify my msg so that it sound humorous and not boring.. walaoweh.. cannot be yourself meh? but out of 9/10, girls like humor guy wor.. zzzzz
2) Can tease but not too over.. Tease too geng later she behsong, and u heart pain..
3) Must sound like gentleman.. normal la.. want to impress her ma.. must sound like reliable guy punya type.. don know how bullshit is this la..
4) Don too short-form.. later sked she think you cincai reply wan.. din take serious wan.. susah la like that...
5) Got class but don too fake.. this one susah . I sendiri also don know how to explain
6) Got some pattern inside geh.. cannot alway stick with 'lol' .. must sometime use 'haha', 'lolx', 'rolf' and 'lmao' . .

*then how if she don understand rolf and lmao? * Good la.. then u can pro-ly explain to her and give u more topic to talk about... duh

7) Don always questions.. sked she will feel ngam cham (disturbing).. this one is most sienz.. cause u nvr know whether she is enjoy sms-ing with u or not.. of course she will never tell u straight to your face that u r 'kakacaucau' la..

8)Must let her know ur intention, but don let her know.. Niabeh.. this is sipek jialat part la. ur message must some how let her figure out that u like her.. but cannot directly wan.. must hidden hidden wan.. but cannot too obvious.. Why?

So that can U-turn mah... aiyoyo

When some how you sense that she is not into you.. you can straight away do 360 sharp U-Turn mah.. then still can become friend without paiseh and pretend nothing happen.. ^^v


That why.. so difficult to tackle a girl.. even sending a single freaking message could occupied 99% of my brain. Do my final also don need think so much ... niabeh.

Hahaha ... To be frank la.. recently got feel already wan.. using that stupid 8 formula to tackle a girl.. but at last resort to formula no.8 when sense a dead end ahead.. hahaha

Hope that the feeling don't erupt liao.. go die far far away.. leave me in peace k.. Now enjoying peaceful mind and heart. Amitabha..


plank ton said...

hahah.. chill la brother..
my "single-club" is always welcome u ade!! hahaha..
neways, i too did some of wat u said.. just tat i din act gentlemen and i be myself.. maybe tat's y, i will always chair the club president post.. hahahah..
btw, nice post!! niabeh~ ahahahah

Bravebear said...

LOL... funny post. Love. Such a complicated topic. Anyway, no girl 'kau' you meh? haha... now not just guys 'kau lui' ady. Got many 'lui kau zai' mah... hehe :P

Sub said...
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LEe YiN said...

ya lo!!
if reply so short,
sure scared to sms edi..T__T