Thursday, October 22, 2009


I think I have over-do in my previous post.

Sorry ya. i hope I could represent all the senior's living outside to make a apologies about making-a-big-fuss about this.. maybe it is not that big-deal after all. Sorry ya, paiseh

To the CC's board, and SP.. sorry for being a kepoh. Maybe my sight is too swallow and can't look far, perhaps there are many more plans to spice-up CC. Perhaps, you all have other alternative plan to alter the impactation of PTCC. Shoudn't interface too much geh. I understand you all also very paiseh to ask us the non-related to mind-less your business. Sowee, sowee.. I can see ur's difficulty liao.. I done nothing but giving u all lotsa complain, complain and complains. Thanks for giving so much 'face' and bear with ours kepohness all the while.. komenasai.

Hey, from now on, I wanna become care-free lor. And only focus on friends, Funs, and a little for study .. haha.. Anyway, CC, gambateh la.

Wow.. so much trips awaiting me after exam. Jiayou ~ar

ps: haha, I think we are over-kepoh in CC trip too. I know we ss2 gang always 'fan' you with the trips thing. And complain this and that. Sungai lembing too boring~ Melaka no fun~ Langkawi too expensive~ Genting boring like hell~ Penang ah( don wan can or not) .. hahaha. Should leave the decision to juniors.. their era mah. If not ngam ma don go la.. simple. lolx


yen Ho said...

dun give up yet. y u all owaz call urself as outsiders? u know da word "outsider" hurts everytime wen i heard it? i guessed leeyin oso feel hurt bout it. once family, forever family. once cc member, forever cc member. stay outside meant outsider? den i dunno wat's da meaning of cc anymore......

LEe YiN said...

Yen, u're right...It's really hurt..Cuz we know u guys is care bout 10th..We never think u all as a outsider..I'm always happy that u all came back 10th. I'm always appreciate u guys come back here and never think that u guys are kepoh! Please, dun give up CC..We need u guys..

Frederick said...