Tuesday, October 20, 2009

study = Uni's life?

End of sem is drawing near.. No doubt, I have enjoyed much. With lotsa juniors showed up.. and new living condition at SS2, it really spice-up my life.

Senior once said, "Hey junior, try to enjoy your Uni life to the fullest before you reach 2nd year.. cause you shall experience hell once you step into 2nd year.. Satan of assignment will haunt you, demon of tests will kacau you and ever-lasting hellish-lecture's time will drain your life force".

Hey, that ain't true at all.. I am still dancing hip-hop despite that tomorrow is my presentation.. I am still going out for movie despite that I am having test tomorrow.. and worst of all... during this sem, I have chased ONE PIECE anime from ep 1 to freaking 422 ! in one month time.. ;)

Hey, Uni life is just once in a life-time.. Is it worth to sacrifice ur Uni year in your room and isolate yourselve from all activities and fun ? I don wanna books and lecturer's slide become my the only friends and 'entertainment' for the rest of my Uni life..

cgpa 4.00 ? Sayang by lecturer? Fuck off.. if to achieve this, I have to sacrifice my exciting uni-life.. Hey, if 2012 is judgement day. I think most of the nerd in this world who study study study.... and only study will die with their eyes open ! Cause they think that is ok to become nerd in Uni.. and thought that their life begin once they step out from Uni... kesian.

Of course, like buddha's teaching.. Moderacy is the key of life.
Don play too much.. and nvr abandon study.

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