Saturday, October 31, 2009

sTuDy WeeK = suffering?

Study week ... Weeeee

Actually, quite sad also la. But, I am not sad because I have to chase those chapters that seem to never end.

Whenever think that I am almost half-way from my graduation. I feel sad. Of course, it is indeed a torture when we have to compress all the notes, exercises and formula inside our brain in just a few weeks time away. Thanks to my laziness since erm....... first of the month? haha
I have to kick my ass to work 5 months worth of effort in this mere few weeks.

Yea, it is torturing.. but then I think, after I graduate and start my working life, I will miss all of this 'study week' stuffs. I would wish I could travel back to that time and 'suffer' again, haha.
Everyday, I see msn shoutout.. some shout " Die o, Os how to read?" , " Ahhhhhh, no mood to study", and many more other desperate calls.

I bet you all gonna miss this day in future. =)

What more to say? Should I say that, glad that I yet to work.. glad that I yet to graduate.. glad that there are friends 'suffering' with me, and of course

glad that there is still time to cramp my brain =p . . hahaha


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