Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Mayan Year 2013

Happy New Year to whoever is still reading my blog !

Months have passes since my last posts. Though a lot interesting stuffs are going on but I always lost the mood to put it in words when I got the chance.

If I could live up till 100 years old, then this year is my silver year. That mean I am handsomely reached my 25th birth year !!

Life have been so great and counting.  I have hell of fun doing my degrees and after that get hired by my current company which I am really having fun working on it till now. Almost one good year. I guess I am adapting to my new phase of life pretty well. And this phase of life will be a long ride. What will be waiting for me at the end ? I have no ideas. But I am very sure it will be GREAT !

Which mean I did not really decided or have a concrete plan on how I wanna drive my career train. I believe one decision you made today, might be the best for now but it might wont be the same 10 years later. So I will always be looking on my options when the time is right.

Right now, everything is seem to be set in really nice path. Great family, good career, and just lack of one particular element in life. This element seem so easy for others to acquire it. But it never been kind to me.

For years, I have been dying for it. A lot of crazy things I could do just to have it. But after all, it is still a stranger to me.

Right now, thought it will be a damn good thing to have it now, but I will not crazily pursue it anymore. Right now, I only need to focus on increasing my net worth, maturity and have a strong faith on destiny. When the time is right, the rightful one will come and I will know it, period.

On every first of January,  with my family we will go to Thean Hou temple for prayer. And as always, I will draw a lot to seek for advice throughout the year. And this year is no exception. so I got picked a lot in witness and blessing of my god mother 'Boddisatva Guanshiyin'. And it was a Good Lot !

With that, I am very pumped up for this year !

A lot of good things is coming soon. Such as Chinese New Year and my father birthday. Ahh ! and also my salary revision is coming. An increment will be a superb news ! And for tomorrow, is my first 12 Km marathon of year 2013. Thanks to a friend who reminded me about it. I have no fear and worry as I have been hogging the treadmill for past few months. So I am ever ready !! If my left leg did not sustain heavy injury months back, it will be great though. Anyway, I believe I am set to go !

Too much to update in one go. But updates I will.Too much great stuffs to share though and it will be too bad if I did not pen it down.

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