Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ride the Tide, Catch the Tornado

I wonder if there are still friends who check on my posting since I have abandon my blog for quite some time. If anyone is reading this, Thanks, for having interest in my life.

I am busy.

Busy with work of course. My first year of work is nothing compare to what I am going through right now. But it doesn't mean a bad thing.

It was actually one of the best thing happened to me! Let me tell you why.

My company took a hard hit on several fail project, most seniors with valuable experience left the company, New hires are poorly performed, and existing experienced employees are over-burdened with jobs that yet to find its replacement.

No, I am not being sarcastic nor saying the opposite.

I am just 25 with only almost 2 years of experience. In a healthy company, my portfolio would be a junior who still need to be prep for at least another 2-3 years before anything to consider. 

However, I saw a blessing in disguise. I saw the golden bridge in a strong tide and chaotic weather. And I decide to stand up and be counted.

At this point of time, it is not hard to be noticed by higher management. Their resources are scarce, they have very little people to trust. Most new hires are recruited with rush to fill the gap in project. At this point of time, it must be a moment of

"Is Now Or Never"

I am now embarking on a very large scale and value project. This project is so important because it will save my company reputation from its several failed project and will surely make the financial report healthier than it was now.

From a mere developer, I am entrusted with a role of System Analyst and had became one of the key person for this project. In a healthy company, it would took me 4-5 years to reach that level.

I have to admit, I was under immense pressure for first few weeks and had even reached a point of outburst and breakdown when dealing with customers. However, those were the past and I am glad that I could adjust myself pretty well.

Now, I am comfortable with my new roles and able to deliver my tasks with quality. If everything does go well. Next year, by the age of 26... would be My Year.

To my dear friends, we are fresh and have nothing to lose. When people are running away, we should also run, but toward the opposite end with Greater Speed !

Keep Fighting !


plank ton said...

good thinking!

RETA said...

It was very nice to read your post. I can see you have had many challenges recently, yet, you have great opportunity also! That is great! I wish you well.

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com