Sunday, July 25, 2010

BHP Orange Run !

This is my second marathon run and it will be 11 Km this time. A slightly increment of 1 Km compare to Bukit Jalil Bareno Run.

Thanks to my past experience, I know what to prepare for my run.

Holim Running Gears
+ A pair of comfortable and light running shoe (Adidas Adeprene)
+ Milo Chocolate Bar as Breakfast
+ Power Gel as booster
+ A bottle of water
+ Light and flexible short pant
+ Sleeveless running vest
+ Human number plate

The starting point is at THE CURVE.

Arriving there at 7am and cramp ourselves within sea of people. Well, the run is free of entrance fee so it was expected.

For female category, their run started at 7.15am , and 7.25 am for male. So, are you ready ??

Yep, Gotta-get-get. Go !

I have never tour around Bandar Utama with feet. Of course ! who crazy enough to do that ?
So, this is a great opportunity to do this. As usual, I run steadily with almost exact same speed throughout the race.

While on the run, maybe after 20-30 minutes or so, I saw a guy in red resting ? crying ? or exhausted ? beside the road.

Hope that he will not appear on newspaper headline tomorrow. And further down, I saw a auntie coming out from a Mamak store.

She must had finished her minum teh XD . As usual, this kind of marathon event required police assistance for road-blocking. So, massive traffic-jam was pretty well expected and police being shooting-board from drivers...

My intention was to show the massive traffic jam. Treat the extra entity as bonus. Hahaha

Saw a SHELL petrol station. Wondering when will be its turn to organize one. You know, my wife love to dine its cuisine. 95 made was her favourite and 97 made once a while when I can afford.

Run across One Utama Mall.

And my usual free parking place when I went to work every morning. Call me arrogant ! But I am proud to cut down all the slim-fit runner one by one from the start. I never stop running even being tempted by free drinks at check-point. I just keep on jogging till the finishing line.

*Boo000* to all slim-fit runner! Fat Dude like me can Run too !!!!! Yiargh !!!

To my surprise, this run was so relaxing. Maybe because it had less steep roads, I couldn't believe my eyes that I am just some distance away from the finishing line.

Thanks to the Power Gel which I consumed during my 1H lap time, I got energy left to sprint my way to finishing line. Cutting down a lot of minyak-bocoring people.

When approaching the finishing line, a lot of DSLR camper pointing their camera at the coming runner. I feel syok abit and it gave a scent of being a top runner. Don't know why, I raise my hand and cross the finishing line as I am the champion. After that, I felt like idiot XD

Nice record I have. I managed to finish the race in 1H 15 Minute. Just like my previous run. But I ran extra 1 Km for this, which mean I had ran faster compare to last time. New record for me, Yea Yea !!

Frankly, for free run like this, I only receive a cheap goodies bag which contain a cert, a sport-bottle, and a mineral water. No jogging vest or medal which I am really looking for. Damn
But it is free neway.

At the finishing line. I saw a beautiful woman distributing flier to runner while baby-sitting a children. I assuming she was her mother. However, she is really pretty. But because I only have camera phone, I am so paiseh to take a close up look photo of her.

It look noob and stupid by going near her while holding a camera phone trying to snap a photo of her. This is all I can do.

I must own a DSLR ! Serious ?

F**k Yea

Forget about the calories loss. I am bloody hungry. I went to my favorite mamak store at Sri Sinar with my brother to have breakfast.

A nice plate of mee goreng AND a slice of roti telur and teh Ais

Nice Run ! I think I am mentally prepared for 21 Km in future. Any lobang ?? Jio me ya ;-)

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