Wednesday, July 28, 2010

-Make Sense-

Once upon a time, there was a village. A young man just lost his father. As a filial son, he done all the preparation necessary for a proper funeral. He hired masters to perform ritual in order to send his father to heaven. According to traditional believe, one should hit the dead man skull until it crack in order to send him to heaven.

Being a filial son, the young man hit his father's head with all his might. Hoping to send his father soul to heaven. However, no matter how hard he hit, the skull never crack and break. It is as hard as steel. The young man gave up. The masters told him that his father is going to hell.

The young man is so upset. He search for Buddha in jungle.

Young Man : Buddha ! Buddha !

Buddha : Yes, what bring you here ?

Young Man : Buddha, I am very sad. My father is going to hell ! The master who is so famous
and powerful can't do a thing about it. Help me please. Since you are Buddha,
you must be more powerful than them. Please perform a ritual for my father.

Buddha knew that this young man would not listen to his advise now. Nothing can enter his heavy ears.

Buddha : Young man, I will help you. Prepare two clay pot. One filled with stones. And one filled
with oil. Wait me beside the river.

Young Man : O really ? That's great !!! With your power, my father will be going to heaven !

The delighted young man was spring in joy. Without wasting time he prepared the necessary at the side of river, waiting anxiously for Buddha to come.

Buddha came.

Buddha : Ok young man. Let the both clay pots to float on water.

So the young man do exactly what the Buddha told.

Buddha : Now, use a wood to hit both pots until it crack and destroy.

Young Man : OOO, now I see your point ! By cracking the pot just like how I crack my father
dead skull, he can be sent to heaven. Hahaha

So, the young man hit the clay pots until it crack and destroy. He was so happy that both pots were totally smashed to pieces. Hence stones from the first clay pot submerge into water. Oil from the second clay pot float on top of the water.

Buddha : Young man, now you go call all the masters to come over here. And make the stones to
float and the oil to submerge.

Young Man : Impossible ! How can stones floats and oil submerge ??? Common sense la Buddha

The young man challenged the Buddha request.

Buddha : So, you finally realize ? Why you can apply common sense in this but not applying
in your father case ?

The young man speechless.

Buddha : For every bad deed you done, it will weigh your soul... and pulling you downward. And
for every good deed you done, your soul will be light.. floating you upward. If your
father is a good man during his lifetime, his soul will be light enough to float up to
heaven. And if he did bad deed all the while... then nobody can pull him up.

-A very meaningful story to share. live your lives by listen, understand, apply. Don't follow blindly by things you heard-


Legend said...

LOL nice story... although pouring oil on river is pollution LOL

sweemeng said...

common sense, never leave home without it