Friday, May 6, 2011

Dying trend

Blogging used to be a hot trend back then. Among my course mate and myself we used to follow blogs daily. Not to forget to spam comments.

Back then, I used to be so excited seeing new comments on my posts. Checking in blog so frequent to check for latest comments and see if friends had updated their blog.

Well, it seem blogging trend is fading off. I still do blogging. But felt that my blog weren't followed by friends already thought I knew some good friends still following it. Well, lacking of comments in posts just kill off the satisfaction.

Wait, I do have comments on every posts !! But who are them seriously? It seem random blog hopping happened a lot lately. And most of them were just dropping by to introduce their blog. That is irritating !

Old friends seem not into blog anymore. Blogging and Diary are both different things. Diary is personal and should not be shared to anyone. But if blog without reader.....

What the point of blogging then ?


Carlson said...

I'm still following you blog. =P
Bt just too lazy to update my blog.. Lol...
Hope you can still continue your blog... Your post is just simply nice to read... =)

Jyphoon said...

So, are you gonna retire ;-)

holim said...

Glad to hear that Seetoh =)

Jyphoon: Not anymore !!!