Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak @ Batu Cave

Such a long time I have last updated my blog with photos.

Busy ? temporarily lost of interest ? or whatever it is have put my 4K in cold storage. And I feel sorry to both of us for ignoring her and the money I had spent.

So, yesterday was Wesak Day. And I decided to make a little trip to Batu Cave with my sibling.

Do Indian celebrate Wesak Day at Batu Cave??

Erm, I don't think so. That is why I went to Batu Caves to avoid human traffic jam. As expected, the traffic was smooth as well as Batu Cave.

I never been there before. This was my first time. Same to my sister and younger brother

After a long long time never play with my 4K. I found out that I have trouble using her. Well, I don't have skills at the first place and suppose I won't get any more worse than that. But I did. Out of so many photos, just some are usable.

 I have tried to capture photo of living thing such as pigeon. Thank god that there were not scared of human thus allowed me to get quite close to them. If not, I will be hating myself for getting too poor to own a zoom len.

 Stairs, of course... this is what Batu Caves famous for. It have 267 total of stairs to hike. it might not seem that much but the stairs were quite steep thus making the distance between each stairs were quite short. Big foot fella like me is actually facing a little difficulty to step on the stairs. Well, only 2/3 of my foot were stepping the stairs.

 Batu Caves is a sacred place for Hindus, but it so a good place for early morning exercise. A lot of people coming here to climb stairs. This can be a really good place to train our leg muscle before attempting kinabalu mountain, just saying.

 And after all the tiring climbing and crappy photoshoot. We, went back home and bite some breakfast before hand. A hearty breakfast which have a really reasonable price.

RM 5.20 for this.. can believe it ? Recession man

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