Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mid Valley Pet Fair 2011

It sucks.

After such a long time since I do shooting, I have been looking forward for this event. I imagining pets like dog, cat, iguana and other exquisite pet would be display over there like car show model. And they were actually charging us for entrance fees.

RM 5 for adult, and RM2 for kid.

Well, I am ok with it as I am expecting a good time photo-snapping action inside. But it turn out to be a real disappointing moment.

Where is the fancy dogs, cats, iguana, pony bla bla bla ???? All I see is stuffs... pet's food, toys, shampoo and junks. It is totally different from what I have been imagining.

Well, there do have pets. But in Cage !

The best that they can offer is pathetic puppies and kitten kept in small cage with a hefty price tag. I do not see happy face of those pet which smash my mood to take photos.

Every photos are looking sad.

And more pet's food on the way.

And the only happy pets are those pet that brought by walk-in visitor.

They get loved and treated better than human being lolx. And their photos were so hard to snap as they were so agitated. In-door lighting was poor which result in low shutter speed and high-ISO. Most of the photo were either blurry or very noisy.

They do have some event going on. A dog competition I guess. Whereas it is a competition to see whose dog get trained better.

At first, I thought at least there are something to ease my regretness over the entrance fees. But it turn out to be a really boring event. Only 4-5 participants involved. And the challenges were plain simple like jumping over the low barrier and etc.

I get bored as my lens cant zoom that close to take a good photo, and continue wandering. Though it is a shitty event but people were crowding in. Maybe there are just like me, get cheated first time.

Apparently they have a section for pet adopting. And to my surprise have good species of dogs ready for adoption. But, most of em if not all are female. Well, truth is harsh.... most of people prefer male than female.

There is one black dog who catch my attention. A female black dog that is very active and responding. I can see that she can be easily trained. Argh ! how I wish to adopt her. Hey, for anyone who wishes a dog, this can be a real good choice. Rush to Mid Valley now !!!

After that, We got out from there feeling sorry for our RM5 and headed for lunch @ Noodle Station.

Dry Noodle with Black Pepper Drumstick @RM8.60, Iced Lemon Tea @RM3.60 and French Fries @RM3.80.

The noodle is nothing to brag about but the black pepper drumstick is quite good. And the french fries is tasty as well.

My kind sister treated us a dozen of Big Apple.

Gotta try the IceBerg. It is goood !