Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life is Good now =)

Although this is my holiday and I need to get up like 7am everyday and join the crowd to jams the road all the way to my oracle class at UM and later on join the crowd again on the road all the way back to my home.

But I am happy and xinfu  =D

I do not need to set my alarm clock as my sister who was getting up for work will wake me and my little brother up. Being call up is always sound better than annoying alarm from phone.

After that, I will go to kitchen and greet my grandma morning. She was doing morning chores at kitchen. Everyday, my mom will fried two eggs and leave it on the table before going to market. That is my everyday breakfast and lunch box.

Usually I will ate the first egg with a slice of bread outside of my house because I love to see my dog dancing around me to get a slice of what I eating.

After my mom coming back from market, I will be watching hokkien tv-series in living hall with my grandma, mom and my younger bro who soon going to work. My sister had leave to work by now.

My class is at 9AM everyday. But I only start moving to prepare myself at 8.20AM. Every time before I leave the house, I need not worry of leaving stuffs behind as my mom and grandma will do a check on me.
My grandma will ask me if I forgot my drinking water and lunch box. My mom will remembered me of my wallet, phone and swimming trunk. It is so nice to have people reminding you.

And I start my journey ahead and contribute to the traffic jam knowing that I will be late to class. As always =)

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