Monday, June 20, 2011

24 Hours Movie Marathon

Yes, I did that 24 Hours of Movie Marathon. It is an event held by

I get to knew this event from Jun Yen and without hesitation we pull along few buddies and rush to Ikano Power Centre to register ourselves.

Why we so eager to do this ? As quoted from YC, "Uni Life is about doing crazy thing".

And I am so agree. There was once I saw a short video shared in FB. It is a short video showing slides of photo about University Life by one of the China's University. To be honest, I am envy of their life. They seem to do so much of crazy stuffs during their uni life. Most of uni friends here were quite passive and prefer life that doesn't divert much from their usual routine. Doing extraordinary activities such as men dressing like girls and walk around campus or sneak into faculty and start tossing toilet paper around the main lecture hall are seriously unacceptable.

But of course, I am not dare enough either to do such thing if I will be doing it alone. So, watching a movie 24H and standing a chance to win a 32 Inch television is a very interesting stuffs to do.

None of us had ever done this before. But we are going to have our very first try.

And we come here prepared.  At first, we thought that we will be sitting on cushioned chair whole day in cinema watching movies. But it turn out we will be sitting on a hard plastic chairs and watching past old buster movies on 42 inch television in a small confined room.

Oh mai...

But we come prepared.

I brought 3 bottles of Red Bull and 2 bottle of Chicken Essences which I believe can help me to stay awake. I purposely wore a sleeveless shirt in order to force myself awake by shivering in cold.

But soon, it proof that it need more than that.

The rules were like this, 

1. If your focus is out from the screen (playing phone, talking with friends, staring at ceiling, etc) and after a silent count of 5, you are out of game.

2. You got a 15minutes break for every end of movie.

3. At the end of the last movies, remaining survivors will be test on Q&A session and whoever get the highest points won !
Simple and straight forward rules for a tough game.

And below are the list of movies we watch.

1. Iron Man 2
2. Morning Glory
3. Star Trek
4. I forget
5. Despicable me
6. Wolfman
7. Megamind
8. Wanted
9.  I Forget
10.  I Forget
11. Star Trek

At first, I thought that 15 minutes of break within each movies are more than enough. But later on, it is so hellish never enough. Just walking to and back from toilet already took 8minutes and the remaining 7 minutes are used to nap, rush to nearest store for junk foods/ meals or stretching around.

For the first few movies, my momentum was still strong until I bump into first Star Trek movie. 

Nightmare !!! Dead Boring !!! Help.....

My nicely build momentum put into full stop and I have to bottom-up the first Red-bull. And the marathon goes on.

The hardest part is at 4-7AM where my eyes were so heavy. I have to stand to watch the movies. By that time, half of the participants were either kicked out or give up. 

Ikano Power Centre had totally closed after 12am. And left us in the silent building.

Haha, It use to be my imagination to stay inside a big shopping complex and stuffed myself with foods from supermarket and playing toys at will from any stalls. Hmm, for this case, I forget that there are guards watching us and not to mention that CCTVs are around ><

Long story short, 5 of us survived ! The clock at 12pm Sat - 12pm Sun. And we braced ourselves to endure the last movie of the competition, which is another Fucking Star Trek. 

Out of 30+ participants, 15 left.

They are asking deep questions about the movie we watched ! We had struggled so hard to stay awake and now we required to remember things from the movies ?

We thought it is hard, but not for those movies fanatic around us. We are so surprise that those leftover survivors could actually answer those questions like they have been watching for hundred times.

4 of us get kicked out and left Jun Yen fighting for the big TV. But as expected, he is not fanatic enough and only get a consolation prize. Haha, but he is better than us la who only get a goodies bag as a token of appreciation.

And to be exact, I have been awake for 30 hours before finally get to faint on my bed. 24 hours movie marathon is hurting myself mentally but I have fun ! Though the movies, chairs and only one meal provided, but I am not regretting this because this is a Uni Life. Doing crazy things with friends without thinking too much on the self-benefits.

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