Sunday, August 7, 2011

Work and Invest ?

I have been procrastinating in my house doing nothing for long enough. I have not socializing with other human being other than my family for months. Even facebook is so dead to me.

So, I decided to answer the invitation to MSLS 2011 

In longer breath, it called 5th Annual Malaysian Leader Student Summit 2011. Initially I have no idea what this summit is about. But it sound pretty cool. Leader student summit

So, lets suit up and went there like a wannabe leader might be a good experience.

In fact, it is interesting. The venue was held in Hilton Hotel ball room. And they provide good foods ! Ahem, that is not the highlight.

A lot of political people and activists were invited to dialogue. It is fun to watch debate among two opposing interest party and seriously breath-taking when students start bombarding tough questions to them.

Anyway, I get this book for free.

Even though I have bad impression toward Mahathir, but this book title do caught my attention. I used to hear about our great Malaysia successfully survive the 1997 Economy Crisis without intervention from IMF (International Monetary Fund). But I never knew how M'sia breakthrough this.

So, I read up the entire book in 4 days.

And my passion into Stock Investment and Forex were increased. Speaking of doing business in the future, I guess it is not my type. People always say, only business can make you rich. But, if I have a good career and pretty good in investment,

Can I make a fortune as well ?

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