Sunday, July 17, 2011

After 1 good year....

Recalling this post that I blogged a year ago.

Pressure, Anxiety and Excitement

To sum up, I was saying that something real big had happened in my life and I have to stop fooling around with my future. But I yet to disclose what with 'big stuff' that was happening.

Haha, who wan to know my untold story anyway ?

Nonetheless, I feel like to share my story here. Maybe some of my concerned friend would love to know.

So here it goes.

Just exactly one year back. My parents did one of the toughest decision in their life. They decided to buy
a house !

"0_o , ahhh cheh.... I thought wat tim. Buy a house nia ? What so bombastic about it? " 

Ish, I do know that everyone buy house nowadays... what so big deal anyway ?

Let put that this way, my scenario was like a small time clerk buying a Lamborghini Gallard o. That very day after my parents secretly hand over the downpayment for that house, my mom can't wait a second longer to tell me about it.

She said they have bought a house.  Frankly, I am not happy with the decision. I am living in a big family. Stay in a double storey terraces which owned by my grandma. Though there are 10 peoples living in there (my father family, my uncle family and grandma) and it get a little congested, but I love the warm and noise of people around.

10 years back, my parents did bought a house too. They bought a small apartment at some place. I was so sad when thinking of leaving this comfortable home. Why should we move to a small apartment when there is a decent house to live ? and one of its side have a great Chinese Cemetery view !

Anyway, the apartment project get a lot of problem and hence it failed to deliver the keys to buyer. It was a bad news for my parents and they resorted to cancel the purchase and sue the contractor.

I am silently happy about it as I wish to stay in this house with my grandma longer. 10 years later... which is now. The history get repeated.

I am expecting a condo at the best. I knew how much my father's earning and my mom was a housewife. So, buying a condo might be my father most stretched limit.

But I am wrong !! They bought a big house. A 3 storey-link house in a highly guarded community at Selayang. And it was cost RM 868,000 back then. (Some might think I am over-reacted as RM 868,000 is not a big money to you. Sadly it is big to me)

I am stunned for moment. Of course I am happy when I fantasizing how fun to stay in such a big house designed with contemporary design

and walking around without fear of criminals in that highly guarded community.

Best of all is that I could enjoy the swimming pool and gym everyday !

But it take just a while to hit me back to reality. How could my father able to pay for this ?

With his current earning left only little saving every month after paying 2 car's installment, daily necessities, insurances, his transport, eatery and all sort of inevitable expenses.. how could my father pay for this ?

And how did my father get loan approval of RM 650,000 in the first place ? Bank ain't stupid, my father was 53 years old a year back which near to retiree. My father own no assets (house, land and etc), my mom is a full time housewife and his 3 kids were still in study.

Mystery unsolved when my mom said, a rubber estate owned by my deceased grandpa get sold with a good price and the money was divided fairly between the sibling. Well, let not disclose the amount. hahaha

And with that, the Bank approved my father's loan. But still, RM 650,000 of loan ain't a small money. So, we need 17 years to repay it back.

This is where, I start being serious on my future. Obviously my father could not work for another 17 years to pay the loan. Soon, it will be me and my younger bro who will take over this burden. When the house was completed, it will cost us RM4,500 per month of loan repay.

What !! given that my father was still working when I come out to corporate world and with my brother still stuck inside university doing his degree, how much could I contribute with my fresh grad salary ?

Hence, my father's early retiree plan flush down the drain. He said he has to work until my brother and me stabilize in our career. But, why my parents wanted to stress themselves this way ?

Why don't just continue to live in this old house and spend their retiree money to travel wherever they want? 

My mom always want to live in a family that only belong to hers. I am not putting this in a bad way, but I believe every women want to have a house that belong to her family. My mom's sacrifice a lot in this old house. She had to give up her job instead of my aunt in order to take care of my ailing grandma. She took care of my aunt's daughter to earn some side income and she cook all the meals everyday to serve the family of 10.

It have been like this for almost 10 years now. My mom said, how she miss the old time when she could work happily with her friends and worry less of house's affair as my grandma was still capable of handling the house that time. Now she is determined, to own a house only belong to her family.

My mom was being a too nice person for too long thus benefiting my aunty and uncle (who was living with us with their two daughter) to worry less about the house agenda because they only need to worry about their work at daylight, and get to eat a sumptuous dinner cooked by my mom when return. Even their daughter homework were monitor by my mom and she will make sure they finish everything right after they return from school.

But I knew my aunt and uncle are not a bad person. They are very nice instead. But sometime people tend to take thing for granted. It is unfair for my mom to stay in the loop for any longer because my mom is getting older. She had serve this big family for 10 good years. And I believe she deserve something better for her remaining years ahead.

Though moving out from this family might cause unthinkable consequences to my aunt and uncle, but enough is enough. My grandma had recovered from her ailing condition thanks to my mom's care. And now I believe it is time for some one to take up the responsibility.

10 years back, I am still stupidly naive. I can't see the hardness that my mom had to endure all this while. I just think about myself. How I dislike small apartment, how I going to miss my grandma, and how I going to miss about everything !

Now, I am all matured. I knew what is the best and to do. And so, I am fully support my parents decision. Though I am tied up to the loan, but I am more than willing to pay for it !

Because this house will make my mom happy =]

How can I mess up with my future anymore ?  

I must quickly come out to working world and excel there ! So that I could earn a decent salary to pay off the house debt and release my father from further burden and responsibility. I guess I will have very little happy hour after work in the future hahaha... money will be very tight.

But again, if this house could make my mom happy, it is freaking worth it !!!!


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