Monday, September 10, 2012

Food for soul

I can't memorize song. When come to this, my brain like a freak Alzheimer. But I do love listen to musics. Lot of it. Maybe my brain is just too dead for music lyrics.

My life till this very day, there is not much song that I could sing without lyric. But after some few thousands of repetition of certain songs for years,

I finally could remember some.

And it only could be done on songs that I really, really like.

There is this particular one song. That I finally could master after years. And every time I sing it whether in car or in karaoke. My subconscious mind, will saw her.

1 comment:

CapricornenTA said...

aha..this song ar..hehehe..i play alot during those days..maybe u already sub-consciously knew this song thru those days