Monday, September 17, 2012

I TORE my pant !

Hahaha, as funny as it is, my office slack really tore today.

Quite a fuzzy morning for me. I was waiting my team at client site and only to find out that today my team would not be going in.

So I was heading back to office. Arrived at 10.15 AM or so. Only to realize that there was a meeting going on which required my attendance.

I joined the meeting late like an hour or so.

HAHA, when the clumsy me took a hard bum on the chair, my pocket was stuck on the chair's arm. With the momentum of my body, obviously my cheapo slack couldn't hold together.

And a nice 'tearing' sound was heard.

'Poker Face'

So now, my side way (not back side) got a 6 inch tore mark that reveal my tight. Lucky for me, I use wear pant type underwear which cover most of my meaty view. HAHAHAHA. However, wrong choice for me when I chose to wear yellow underwear instead of black.

Thanks to the color contrast, now everyone can notice it.

To cut the story short, I rocketed to nearby Subang Parade to buy a new slack. And to my pleasure, I found a slack which was so damn nice to wear.

The fabric is just so .... feel like home. So I bought it. RM90 net. And change it on the spot.

The tore pant somehow remind me of my excess meat and fat. So for today lunch, I opt for Subway Tuna sandwich.

Today damage on my wallet is " RM90 + RM62(petrol) + RM11(lunch) "

My account is so dry, it could crack up the bank. Literally. Good thing is, pay day is tomorrow yeah.

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