Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to back to Coll ...

28-10-2008 , Today I'm gonna back to college already . At home really cannot study at all haha. Yesterday night actually I plan to 'chiong' my revision until very very late . But , thanks to Shin Yeen , philip , rachel , cat and ah quinn . . we talk crapsss in msn until my precious 2 hours flew away . . Haiz . . Anywhere , before I went to college today, my sis wan to treat me a lunch . . Weee, so happy. So, I decided to have a nice lunch at Jusco near my house . .

This is the restaurant I frequently visit . . (Food & Tea ) Haven try out all of the foods yet. lolx

I ordered a set lunch ( worth the money rm10 = main dish + soup + drinks + desert )
Delicious mushroom soups . .Mmmm

Not so sweet Jasmine Tea~

My main dish . . 'Kum Heong Meehoon, not bad for spicy-lover'

At last desert . .' kuai ling hou ' haha. . healthty ler

Hmm, Happy time fly very fast and is time to back to college already. Aik, TEN COLLEGE !

My cute little Rocky. . give me a sad look when I about to leave

Rocky's mother. .my old and trusted house's guard ! Not give me a damn when I going to leave. *Scratch scratch scratch * lolx

5.30 pm finish blogging . . study time -.-

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