Saturday, October 25, 2008

My first day of StuDy WeEk -_-

Ahoy ! ! here I am, to start my very first blog in this . Wao, it is definitely way better than friendster's blog . Well, today is 27-10-08 and it is the first day of my study week. O hell, one more week to my final. I guess everyone is 'chiong-ing' in their study now right ?. .zzz -_-|| You believe it or not, now is 7.35pm and I havent start my revision yet . What I did from this morning till now?
O ya , let me show you how I had spent my valuable time ^_^ .

Woke up at 9am and went to mid valley with mother and siblings to eat breakfast ..

Double black pepper burger . . -_- not reccomended

Well , I am really full because I kept on refilling the soft drinks . after having breakfast, we have a little walk to 'speed up' our digestion process , lolx . Holly cow ! we walk by 'Big apple' and get seduced by the attractiveness of those donuts . . and I have forgetten that I am in 'full mode' swt.
Haha, at last we have bought 12 rounds of donuts . . OMG , the donuts are so beautiful !

Master Piece!

Waiting train . . (right side is my MOM*look like m sister right? haha* ^^)

Arrived home at 2pm and . . study?? -_ - . Nope , I sleep instead T_T .
Woke up at 5pm and don't know have I done till 7.35pm, I started to blog , Done at 8pm and now have to bath. Hopefully I will kick my ass to study after this . . haha.


Asakura said...

hey hey...
nice way of spending ur first day of study week..
dun worry avthing start of rough...
then it will become smooth n nice..
anyway dun eat all the donuts la...
leave some for me..

<< mUnKeZ >>

Xiao Gui said...

hahaha~ gambatae la, i also almost same like u, don noe y cannot concentrate liao.

Xehnida said...

dont worry lar, i also havent study yet. just finish my part of the assignment :D

sensen said...

yer...go eat donut n buger king din buy 4 me pun...sad...
add oli in ur exam lah !!
luck luck cum~ ^_^

Jyphoon said...

Hey dude.. haha.. nice little 'Holiday" you have there... happy studying

yen said...

bro bro~~gambateh gambateh~~~

owaz eat eat eat nie=.= so goodT.T