Friday, October 31, 2008

Crappy Talk . .

=.= , now is 8pm 31-10-08(Friday) . Haha, suddenly feel like blogging tim. Yesterday was really suck! Internet line down whole day and making my life so miserable T_T. Is hard to survive without internet right? Haha. Maybe some think that without internet I could concentrate in study ya . . haha, that turn out to be false . I had spent 4-5 hours watching movie instead. Lol Xp
Haha, O ya, 2 day ago Ah fei was so nice! He purposely back to coll to brought us out to have a dinner.. Mmmm.. SS2 fishball noodle. More detail plz go checkout Frank's blog la.. lol.

Hmm.. I got few very funny picture wanna share wit u all . .Haha..

See Jim Jim cute expression ^_^.. Haha, this photo taken during 'Hari canteen terbuka KKTaz'

Frank Sakaiii hair style ! ! ! *Always say people sakai, who is sakai ler now ..haha*
(Pic taken when Fei bring us out to eat.. fish ball noodle.. Frank rub is hair to back.. Me as a pro photographer manage to capture the right time ! ! Muahaha.. )

Dont get angry ya . . *peace*

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yen said...

sakai frank....hahahaha.....