Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother Day

Happy Mother Day.

My mom is hitting 50 this year and my father going to see his 60 soon. Time flies and wait no one. So do our parents ages.

As a son or daughter, what have we done to repay their deed so far ? 

Is it enough ? If one day they had parted from us, would we cry with guilt in our heart because there are so much we want to do and give to them but at the end it never realize ?

Two sentences always lingered in my mind since I have heard it.

"Your success can wait, But your parent can't"
"Don't let your parent wait too long"

It is true that young adult like me at the age of 24 still have a long journey ahead. Peer of my ages, some start working while traveling oversea before their job would bind them, some still floating around few careers to see which job they hate the less. Some still chilling out at home hoping to strike a dream of their life-time job one day.

It is true also that we are young, and we could afford to waste few years or even 10 years.

But in life, how do you measure 'successful' ?

For me, the biggest success that I want to achieve in life, is to have my parents witness my successful. I believe, it is their biggest dream too before they expired.

So, I got to make a choice. Whether I would be successful at the age 50 and retired rich or be successful before 30 and retired rich. Either way, I would be successful. But the path is different.

My personality is very high on peaceful phlegmatic, so people with my temperament would automatically choose the 50 years plan as the life journey would be quite peaceful without much up and down.

But, I have chose the shortest plan. Because my parent do not have much time. If they go into their grave before I could bring them travel all around the world, I would be fucking hate myself. If I could not make my father a rich man and my mom body full of gold, I would also fucking hate myself.

My dream, is to achieve financial freedom before age of 30 and stop selling my time to the boss and give more time to accompany my parents.

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