Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where is our right to protect ourself ? Guns !

Strict law in Malaysia, indeed.

But at the end it harm the citizen the most. I think.

Break-in robbery is not uncommon, in fact it happens everyday. Read the newspaper. It is known fact that we can not count on policemen to save us on time. They might good in aftermath investigation and cracking them down. But to stop the robbery, it is totally unreliable.

Of course, we have to understand that it is impossible for policemen to give complete coverage and lookout for every citizen. In fact, we have a shortage of policemen in our country. So, robbery will happen no matter what The mastermind / culprit will do their homework before taking action. That is why, we can't count on policemen to stop any attempted robbery in our current situation.

The question is, since everyone acknowledge the existence of this loop hole, what are we going to do to protect our family ? What choices do we have ?

The robber came in with various of motives. We will be glad if they just came in for money and items. But what if they want more than that ? If you know what I mean especially if your family have women. How if some of our family member with bad temper decide to use their fist to fight them off although we are strongly encouraged don't too ! 

Women get raped or molest by robber and men get chopped to death. Read the news.

What are we ready or plan to do if the robbers decided to visit our family one day ? Worst still, robbers nowadays come with guns and grenades. Our country is well known of its strict restriction on fire-arm. But still, robbers and gun-men could obtained their weapon easily.

Our law forbid anyone except policemen, military personnel and selected few people from owning any sort of firearm. The penalty of owning one of them is death sentence which I believe had reach the maximum strictness of one law can get.

Our law penalty is so strict it make everyone to think at least 10 times over before owning one of them illegally. But still, the robber and gangsters care a shit about that.

So now the badman got guns and bomb. But we citizen only have chairs and tables to defend our life and dignity. We can't count on policemen to arrive in time to stop them. We can't count on our neighbors to bring in stones and sandals to scare them off, so...

How are we plan to go through the hellish 10minutes to 1 hours of our worst nightmare in life?

Don't you think now is the time for Malaysia firearm act to be amended ? Just like USA, normal citizen could keep a small firearm in their house for self-protection.

I know everything have con and pro. But, why the double standard in Malaysia ? High profile people and rich man could own a firearm for self-protection, some even have the license to bring it out to public. The poor man like us could not. Is it mean that our life is cheaper than them ?

Statistic shows that robbery case happen more on ordinary household compare to the rich. Well it make sense to the max. The robbers are all looking for easy money. If break into unguarded middle income household is less riskier than breaking into some tycoon houses with 2 security guards armed with shotgun and knowing the fact that the house owner got a deadly automatic glock 17 with them, why take the risk ?

Is it not that our current law is helping the robbers to achieve piece of mind ? They knew we do not have guns. They knew our kitchen knife can't do a shit. And they knew the policemen would have at least 30 minutes respond time. Is it not that is much more easier to rob us than to rob a bank ?

Whether there is firearm act or not, those robbers care a shit. Their accumulated criminal record will end them up in jail for lifetime anyway, to hell with death penalty. How could they think correctly when their brain is already damage by drugs and estacy ?

I think, citizen should have the right to own a small firearm in house for protection till the day we do not need this kind of protection anymore. Literally mean that, until the day our policemen could ensure a very good crime control in our country, citizen should be allowed to protect themselves and not only rich man and politician.

Our life is very valuable too.

 Few years back, I attended a debate forum as audience. There was a debate whether USA should continue legalizing citizen to own firearm. So there was a debater which earn my respect and I really thrilled with her points. She said

" If you said, we do not need firearm to defend ourselves before there is police to do the job, then why we need fire extinguisher in our house if there is fireman to do the job ? Why we need first-aid kit if there is ambulance and hospital to do the job ?"

A mind blowing question bombard back to the opposition.


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