Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LangKawi de Tour

Again, went to Langkawi but with my family this time. Before depart to langkawi, we had Bak Kut Teh as our breakfast.. hehe

Seriously, I think this bak kut teh is the best in my home town. I had ate this since I small.
Ps: hey frank and quinn, I always want to bring both of you to taste this geh.. haha

Ok, after a satisfying breakfast, we head to LCC airport and ready to depart.

Langkawi, here we come !

Recall, last time went to this legendary island with my Uni friends.. and we chose to travel at non-peak season. The price of everything is reasonable and is still in the range of my expected budget.

But heck, at this peak season of school holidays, this legendary island had turn into blood-sucking islands. Price for everything is almost increased by 50%. Recalling last time we rent a Toyota Innova for only rm100 pernight.. which could fitted in at least 9 passengers.

Now, a single toyota Vios with capacity of 5, cost a freaking rm200 perday. WTH.. We tried to change different agents for better offer, but it seem that everyone of them had compromise. Anyway, like I said, this is a family trip mah.. So my parents said, nevermind, just take that over-priced Vios.. lol

Who else is the better candidate to helm this baby if non-other than ME ??
With my previous experience as driver, I still recognized the direction and route on this island. And this car is very fuel economic too. For 3days and 2 night of ride, it only cost us rm20 of fuel.

Wao.. cool right. No wonder people said Vios is very fuel economic.

Well, I decided to stay at Langkasuka beach resort AGAIN.. for the third time. Since I love its spacecy room with balcony provided and owned a clean private beach, and most importantly it is damn near the airport. I can't found other reason not to stay at this resort.

Not to my surprise. (-_-") This hotel is infected by blood-sucker disease. rm210 pernight. for one room.

After done our check-in, we head to pantai cenang for lunch. Apparently, there are only few spot in langkawi that provide choices of meals and few of them is pantai cenang and kuah town. So, we chose pantai cenang to dine our lunch instead of crossing half of Langkawi to reach Kuah for our light-lunch.

Cincai makan just to ease our hunger-pain. So we stopped by a particular chinese restaurant which is not worth to mention its name since the foods is so-so-so . We ordered fry-rice, fry-meehoon , fry noodle...... you name it.. haha

After that, we have a rest in our room and wait for dinner at Kuah Town .. hehe

It is hard to find a good restaurant that serve good food with reasonable price. Hey, I did homework before leaving my house. I serve internet to look for recommended restaurant at langkawi. And found out that a restaurant that served seafood called 'wonderland food store' is recommneded by a blogger.

With help from my precious Garmin (gps) .. we found it in Kuah Town.

Fried squid (recommended)

Prawn fried chili


Kulu-chicken in sweet-n-sour sauce

Dine beside a river
Acompaniment of a steady flow of river and a magnificent architecture of some resort.

*wtf..my face is so round.*

The foods is ok. And the price is reasonable thought we came at peak-season. Frankly speaking, the foods is not great, but it had beat the hell out of COCOMO restaurant 9 streets ! The best seafood restaurant is all located at Kuah Town. For this meal,

I give 6.8/10

After a fine dinner, We head to Kuah Town for a shopping Spree ! Actually we just doing a window shopping. Comparing the price from shop to shop. Tomorrow will be the day my parents sapu barang liao.. haha

And I can't resist the temptation to buy this masterpiece... ^^

What is the meaning to enjoy in langkawi without drinking some alcohol? Because this is a family trip, so must control control la.. haha, Miss the time when enjoying Frank dancing around the room... hahaha

So we bought some alcohol with fruits flavored? Recommended by my yonger bro and sis.

Waiting it to chill.. we have a walk at the beach.

The photo is dark, because of my limited camera's potential.. frankly the night view at the beach is very nice and romantic. And the sky is full of stars.. Guess what

I saw a meteor right after I lift my head up to see the scattering stars. Wow, it only happened in a split seconds. I saw that for the first time in my life. Hehe

Well, we saw a lot of jelly fish at the shore too. It is cute.. but deadly ! Siao, I want to swim ler..
Hope tomorrow the jelly fish will migrate to some where else.. Shoo to port dickson ok ? haha

Tomorrow morning !

Woke up at 7am to take breakfast at hotel's buffet. Well, I had tasted it buffet for so many times. So, I already expect its quality.

Fried rice, fried kuewtiao.. ham and bla bla... boring boring.. By the way, since it is included in our package.. so no need pay = cannot complain so much.. haha

9 am going to island hoping. Hop 3 island for the second time, for me la. Guess that nothing else better to do lo. Expected from this blood-sucker outbreak..

Rm60 per pax ! Woohoooo

A van came to fetch us at hotel.

And to my surprise, there are so many foreigner and locals waiting for hoping too.. haha

Our first stop is of course, pulau dayang bunting.. well, 10 years also wont change.

Well, just like what I did last time, I swam in the super deep lake and feed the 'keli' fish with my hongkong-style legs... haha

By the way, there is a slight different with this island compared to last time. Apparantly, the monkeys had done their matting and now everyone of them is lugging a baby !

So, after hanging and rotting here for one hour.. we moved to next island which is Singa island to see eagles. This is what they called, eagle feeding (-_-").

Well, from far, it look like a bunch of crows scattering all over the sky. But it is indeed eagles.

After that, we hop to the final island. And again, we were given one hour to rot there.

Ya I know.. after back from penang's food paradise and mom feed me like pig at home.. what you expect ? lol

Well, its beach is quite clear.. but full of 'landak laut'

But, we still playing at the shore and swim at the seaside. The sea level is so low that it only reach my hip.. so I wanna go deeper and start to slow-swim away from the seaside...

Thought that I wanna enjoy the scene underneath the swallow ocean, I dunk my head inside while swimming.. and to my horror!

I touched some spiky thingy and get shocked when found out that it is 'landak laut' !
I stopped swimming and land my feet.. Fuck, I stepped on those thorn.. Nice~ar

I warned my sibling not to come over.. I have to swim back to the shore to avoid stepping more of this MINE!

In my mind, I think shit liao.. this time jialat.. I still remember last time, when I travel to Pangkor island, the bot driver told us before the fact behind this sea's thorn. It thorn is so fragile that it break soon after it poke inside our body. And because of it's fragile thorn, it make it more difficult to get it out.

This is what I get (=_=")

Total up, got 9 needles poke in jor.. At first, quite worry about this. My parents seek for others help and advice. According to some locals, they said, sea thorn here is not dangerous. They said use slippers to slap the wound until the surface is red. So, we tried.

The theory behind this is, the needle is very fragile.. by slapping it, it will break up the needles inside and melt into the blood. Hmmm..

Well, the time is up and is time to back to hotel !

According to another locals, they told us to squeeze some lime's juice on it and rub. So I did what they said. Actually there is a hospital at langkawi.. but the wound is pain-less and I still could walk like normal. Weird hor. So I assumed that I will be fine and go on with our scheduled plan.

Back to hotel and rub some lime's juice on it before heading out to Oriental Village !

The lime act like antibiotic and it work like holy-water.. lol

Around 1pm++ we start heading to Oriental village, which is famous for its cable car. We stopped by at KFC to have our lunch.

And arrived at Oriental village ..

and straight to its cable car.. As usual they charged foreigner for rm30 and rm15 for good malaysian like me.. hehe

With a very systematic lining system..

This cable car could go up very high.. till it need two station to reach the top. Wow, my legs is weak when it start to get up really high. lol

Finally we arrived at top.

On the way up to the hill.. I saw this sky bridge which connects two separate hill.

Oyea, I am eager to cross it... hehe

The whether is good and less windy.. good for us, the bridge is sturdy and stable.

This photo is taken with my cold sweated hand and shaky legs. XD

However, there is a price to pay.. to reach this bridge we need to travel a distance of infinity stairs... It is easy to get down . .

But when we return...

I gotta feeling and bom bom pow XD

Hey, though this is tiring, but fun.. my smart parents did not follow us and leaving us gasping for air when we returned.. haha

Ok liao.. everyone is tired and for a moment I forget that I am a temporary OKU.. and should back to hotel to rest my leg... lolx

I gotta feeling.. wohooooo.. that tonight gonna be a good night. hehe

We searching for other restaurant for dinner at Kuah town. And we rounding Kuah town to spot some customers packing scene.. haha

And we found one..

Hey , this restaurant 'Yong Leung' is good ! Double the quality and taste of yesterday dinner. And it beat COCOMO 18 streets.. haha

spicy lala.. good! (7/10)

Signature tofu.. super tasty. (9.5/10)

Kangkung masak belacan.. quite salty (5/10)

Hard to find pork in Langkawi. But it sold here..weee And this is delicious! Thumb up (9.5/10)

Onion omelet.. Ok la, biasa jek (6/10)

Meaty crab cook in sweet-n-sour sauce. Ok, quite good (7/10)

Overall, this restaurant served good foods with slighty higher price..
Overall rating (8.5/10)

And we went to shop by shop to do shopping.. Chocolates and liquors.. Well, and then we back to hotel and call it a day.

Next day went to breakfast buffet again and miss the curry chicken. Aik.. the foods still the same. Well, cannot complain la.

Depart at 12.45pm because of Air Asia delay... well, normal right? haha

and have our lunch on the air ! First time.. I ate nasi lemak for rm9 -.-"

Hey, this nasi lemak I ate, is tasty.. Its chicken is boneless and the sambal + rendang is good.
And it is alot better than MADAM KWAN nasi lemak which cost me rm16+ . Niabeh, really tio kwan..

This time, I get a chance to sit beside the mirror and enjoy the view while eating my lunch.

Woohooooo... is time to indulge myself with chocolate... lol

But .. with my rounder and rounder face + body.. after back from penang and langkawi.. Argh...

Look like I need to join leeyin's diet camp liao... wakaka

Anyway, I have a fun time in Langkawi.. hehe


xehnida said...

so semangat, out of 3 days, you wore UM-related shirt for 2 days

holim said...

walao.. so u notice..

plank ton said...

nice trip!! did u play tat parachute thing??

holim said...

nola.. that thing play one time jou enough lu.. haha

Carlson said...

I can feel the fun from your words!! Haha... Reli a nice trip. =)

LEe YiN said...

yeah~~!! mari kita bersama diet! wakaka XD