Monday, December 28, 2009

Food For Thought

Friends said that I have many funny theory...

=.=" Well, but I think it make sense sometime.

Ok, some of the 'theory' I said, is mean for fun and some are make sense.

I just return from a very meaningful camp which make me think about 'ren shen dao li'
It is an camp under buddist society. So, I do pay attention to the seniors and masters when they were sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.

From there I learn alot of the 'the ways of life'.

Ok, I will touch abit about Buddist which will bored some of you.. but I hope I could share out my understanding about this religion with all.

There is a time, a christian's believer came to an elder monk and ask him.
"What is Buddist believe in" ?

That elder said:
"Buddist belief in nothing".

The christian's believer was confused and demanded an explaination.

The elder said:
"We buddist do not believe in what we heard, but what we learn and experienced it according to Buddha teaching. Buddha never told us to believe in what he said. But to listen, learn and experience it yourself, hence believe in what you gain from it."

So buddist is believe in nothing but from where they learn by themselves through experiences and understanding.

Buddha is the Enlighten One . He is not a god nor the ruler of universe. He is just a great teacher which had understand everything in this world. In short, he is enlightened. He had spend 45 years of his life to guide the peoples around the world to reach the enlightment. And upon his death at 80, he wish no people to over obsessed with his dead (making grand funeral etc), because when he die, the body is nothing but a worn out corpe.

People ask, where did Buddha went when he dead? Nirvana?

Where is it? Heaven?

An old monk replied.. Buddha din went to anyway..
He had understand everything in this world and reached enlightened. He had no need to reborn. Nirvana is a state of mind. But people do not satisfied with the answer and wish to see something concrete like heaven or hell. So, people use to believe nirvana is a place and Buddha had went there after his final rebirth.

Whatever it is, this is not the point buddism is concern about. You do not need to know where Buddha came from and what he is doing right now. Just like, you do not need to know who create electricity. We only need to know how to fully utilized the electricity.

Frankly, I do not understand much about buddism too. In fact I only understand a little. By reading books, few philosophy of life attract my attention. I think it is very true indeed.

I have tried to explained some, but I stuck in middle. Must admit that my understand is still shallow and not suitable to share publicly.

Well, I will list down some philosophy without explaination. It is up to you to understand it by your own. Like Buddha said, do not believe in what I said, but to try it, and understand from what you gained.

Expect nothing , and nothing can dissappoint you

Return evil with Love. It is hard, but at least do not return evil with evil.

No one is blameless in this World.

No one can take away your sin. Only by doing good deeds, it could repent your bad Karma.

Property remain when we die, Friends and family follow us up to our grave, but only bad actions and good actions (Karma) will be follow us beyond that.

Well, that all I can remember from my understanding. It is really a food of thought especially the first theory. I like it very much. In fact I use a lot of times to understand it. It is true that dissappointment is a consequences of our expectation.

Ok la, I will stop this religious talking now. Not everyone like it though. Hahaha. But seriously, Buddism is a very nice religion. It give a lot space of thought.


plank ton said...

amitabha~ not bad not bad.. join longer i guess soon u will be a vegetarian.. hahaha

anvexr = raven + x said...

plankton you are wrong already, not neccesary for buddhist to become vegetarian, buddhist are encouraged to become vegetarian only, this is a misunderstanding for most people.Holim, you are great. Only join us few days already know so much about the Buddhism. Hope to see you to learn more about the Buddhism. I think someday you will know the benefits gained from Buddhism.

LEe YiN said...

i like ur post!
i also get alot of ren sheng dao li in the 7 days camp(fo qing ying)...

plank ton said...

hahahah.. yea yea.. my mistake.. wakaka.. but if holim continue like tis, soon he wil give up meat also,... i wonder if it will happen? hahaha

Catherine said...

a great post!!!!

yaw175 said...

Wow, i like your posts especially this post. That's not some usual things i can read from a friend's blog! Thx for sharing and learnt alot from it ^^