Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penang the Food Paradise

Hey folks, how cha doing ye? Holiday is coming to an end and soon enough we will see each other once more yo.

As title above, this post is about my previous trip to Penang ! Finally I managed to stick my big ass long enough in front of laptop to finish this post. *phew*

As a matter of fact, I went to Penang before my Langkawi trip. Since Penang had soooo much things to write about, I lazy to write it... which is similar to Shin Yeen case. lolx

Anyway, this will be another of my long-winded post with alot of photos. Which might be a good news to some people that bored to dead in their home. At least they got something to occupied them for quite a while.. haha.

I will try to make it sweet and simple as possible. *Aw, shin yeen hate sweet stuffs hor? too bad*


If I am not mistaken, we went to penang starting from 24 till 28 th of November. I am driving this time with my mom's MyVi. Tagging along Junyen, Leeyin, and quinn.

It is really fun to experience long distance drive for first time. Running straight highway for hours is quite tiring though. Kenny suggested that we stopped at Bidor to try the local famous

"Duck noodle" .

Seriously, this is not as good as it sound, and it is costly ! rm6.40. Well, don't bother to stop by bidor for this "legend" if you are not starve to death. Just not worth it to purposely pay extra toll to eat this... XD

Apparently, we went to penang to visit our foster family. So, we arrived at Gertak Sanggul in not more than 4 hours of drive.

So, here we are. Staying with our dearest foster family for 3 days and 2 nights. Spending valuable days with them. Kids there is very welcoming too.

don't you think we 'boys' is naturally talented in jumping ?
kelefeh beside quinn had a real hard time.. lmao

Well, nothing much activities had been held since the purpose we came here is to spend time with our family. We played basketball, jungle trekking and celebrating one of our friend birthday too. A surprise one..

The birthday boy

The cakes with extra chocolates, carefully chose by See yee
for some evil purposes

Pity. But Nice XD

Well, we still ate that cake despite that it had been... ermm. haha It is bad to show wastage habit in village k.

On the third day. Which is the day we went out from the village and start our food hunting adventure. I am freaking sick ! (=__+") All because of my greedy appepite. By the time we went to Queens Bay mall, I already knew that my day is going to be wasted. What upset me the most is.. that night, everyone will going to Auto City to eat TAO ! (T___T")

At first, I 'sei ding' . mati mati also wan follow. But when I arrived at my friend house which we will be staying there for few nights. I already can't endure the sickness (headache, bone ache, stomach-bloat + thunderstorm) and when I see a bed, I am pretty sure I am going nowhere, but the bed. Frederick too, is not feeling well, so both of us decide to take a rest and leaving the others to tear TAO apart..

I ate 5 panadols that day. lolx

The next morning, I am very healthy ! and crave for more good foods. Hating myself for being sick and give-up the TAO yesterday, I swear I will eat till the kingdom come from now on. lolx

For our breakfast, we went to nearby restaurant at Butterworth which famous for its

Kueteaw soup

This is really good

Next we went to Georgetown to try out the famous


People are crowding that place ! Lining up to grab their turn

This Apek, shud be the boss. He scolded his worker like maniac

For my opinion, this cendol is nice. The ice is soft and it melt when enter your mouth. But it is not that great though. Can't understand why people are insanely crowding his stalls for this so called greatest cendol in Penang ? haha but it is good anyway.

Well, after cooling our throat with cendol, we searched for a shop which is highly recommended by JunYen.. selling

Coconut Tart

The tart is good, I tapao 10 of this delicated tart myself. Must try ya.. haha Hochack !

Well, what is the point going to penang without trying its Fried Kueteaw? haha. We went to a kopitiam beside the famous cendol stall to try out.

Fried Kueteaw
This keuteaw, as you can see, is so small in portion. And it cost us a freaking rm4.40 per plate. WTF right ? In penang, a noodle cost more than rm3 is consider expensive, and this even beyond the border. Anyway, if the food is worth the price, is ok.

But, maybe because of my high expectation, I thought penang keuteaw will be far supreme than KL. BS, this noodle I ate is just the same as Kl.. just that the prawn is big and bouncy.

We move on to the next street which according to Junyen, they sell good
Choo Cheung Fan

haha, I forget what is this place called, it is an old kopitiam. Well, the CCF is tasty.

By the time we done with Georgetown, we head to Air Hitam to taste few local delights. Since Kek Lok Si is located in Air Hitam, of course we are going there too.

My god, we are born for this... lol

Ok la, enough of temple.. let continue our food hunt adventure.. Despite that we had ate so much at Georgetown, we still crave for more !

We saw a stall selling Asam Laksa which is SOOOO obvious with his contrasting signboard. You will never miss that stall. It is so freaking obvious... haha

Asam Laksa

I seldom eat Asam Laksa, and I never found a good laksa in PJ. It is either too sour, or too spicy. But I have to admit that this 'tissue laksa' is awesome.

Straight after we done with this laksa, we seek for 'cha kui ka' in Air Hitam too . Which in Kl we called it 'lobakgou'. In SS2 pasar malam, you will see people lining up to buy this.

'cha kui ka'

After you eat this, you will never go to SS2 pasar malam. This makes other 'lobakgou' taste like porridge. Serious.. but this taukeh is very very lazy. He work when he is in mood. Or when he lose all his money in gambling. Haha. So, my friend said that, if the taukeh is opening his stall tonight, you are sipek lucky la.. 'Gotta get get'

Not done with this, we went to local food stores which sell 'ho chien' / fried oyster which its oyster is bigger than 2ocent ! If you ever ate ho chien at SS2, you will know what is BIG oyster after you taste it in Penang.

Wow, do you notice that we had ate alot ? and hell ya, we ate all of this in one day. The night is still young. So we went to Sunway carnival at Butterworth to watch movie !

Not bad la this movie. But it is very violent with limbs and heads flying around. Lot of bloods. At first we thought wanna go for supper. Butterworth best Tomyam !

But, it closed. Sad, we called it a day and back to house.

Next morning. By right, we should heading back to Kl already. But we decide to stay for another night because we ain't eat enough yet. Haha.

Having Dim sum for breakfast.. my god, the dimsum is freaking cheap ! rm2 per plate ? walan.

Dim Sum

Found empty table ?

Vollaaa this is just first round .. hehe

We headed to nearby temple. This temple is best at its architecture and design.

It is indeed a very hot day. But inside the temple we feel chill and calm. Next we went to a road side stall to wet our throat with famous

Air Mata Kucing

Using metal spoon and bowl, it makes the drink double the chill. From our hand it chill till our stomach.. yummy.

Eye blink blink.. is time for lunch ! So fast...

We head to Kedah. What ? Kedah?
Yea, Kedah, just the border haha.. to taste its famous duck rice recommended by teng haw.

Duck Rice

Duck and porridge. Good combination which could wash away the oily feel in your mouth. By the way, the duck is very nice. Just that the skin is not that crunchy.

And we headed back to house to take a nap.. before dinner. haha

What for dinner?

Seafood At Seaside

Having dinner while witnessing the end of light (sunset) is so 'got feel' . We are dining at seaside of Butterworth and we could view the Penang island across the sea. Well, the foods are.. erm
dissappointing... but, the environment save the day !

Next we went to AutoCity to have a walk.

and before hitting mid night... we went to supper. And at last, The legendary tomyam is on business ! yooohoooo.

TomYam Mee ( google earth Tom Yam cha Kueteaw XD)

Stacks of orders.. that mean line up la, boey tan jou mai jiak

We have wait for freaking one hour ++ for our tom yam mee.. But it is worth it ! totally worth it.. For a tomyam lover like me, my expectation is high.. and this tomyam is live up to its reputation. Goood ar ! Seriously dude, I miss this the most when I back to KL.

And our final night end ! (^^).

Ok, we not planning to extend our stay.. but before we leaving, we had our last breakfast at Penang.

Yam Rice

Finally, going back to Kl.. but jam terribly at highway. Driving for 5.5 hours to reach KL. And that all for my Penang trip. Worth it !

Special thanks to Teng Haw for your care and everything.. (I know u will read my blog^^)

Thanks to Zi Cong and Haw Wooi for accompany us and killing us with laughter and funs..

I had a great time at Penang and I love it . \(^0^)/


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geng! welcome to penang for next visiting again! XD

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