Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am still facing exam when I wrote my last post. Since then I have neglected my blog for quite a time Too busy to write? hmm...

Should say that I have a lot amazing activities and events that drive me away from blogging. Haha
Now that I have time to settle down before going to another trip, I shall drop fill inks on it. heee

Ok . .

I am so eager to blog about my penang trip. But I yet to start due to my lazy-ass and 'tomorrow-first' disease.

By the way, I went to Bukit Bintang today to have my laptop fixed. My keyboard had malfunctioned since two months ago and because of my coming exam, I can't lose my laptop for even a day. Fear that my laptop will be sent to factory to repair, I have to bear with keyboardless laptop for two freaking months.. *argh*

Neway, I have taking along external keyboard whenever I went and kinda use to it after months. Now, I have my laptop repaired but


and it cost me a handsome Rm150 (-.-") *nice~ar*

After being verbally directed the 'Asus service centre' direction from Andhie and few people on streets, finally I found that place. I had walked a big round and long path to reach that centre despite that it is so near from the bridge of Time-square & Sungwai wang. lol

But damned... I need to pay for a new keyboard! Thought that I could use my warranty geh.
The technician told me that my keyboard spoiled because of water?

Wtf.. when the water get in to my laptop? *Argh* now think back also no use. It teach me a lesson though.

Don eat and drink when using laptop?

Nah, BS

just buy a keyboard protector. lol

From black keyboard, I have changed it to silver color. Kinda cool eh.

And I get myself a nice cooler too. With a extra big fan. haha

Wanna take a look of my watered keyboard? lol

Saw the water patch? The technician warn me that the water might already get inside the motherboard. It is only the matter of time when my laptop going to bye-bye. Walaoweh...

Haha, must faster back-up my files first.

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夜猫呆呆 said...

wahhhh, holim, if motherboard died, buy a new one liao, coz change a motherboard oso very very expensive, so I would say extend the warranty is the most important thing.