Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year 2010 !

How am I going to plan my year ahead ?

I have been peacefully walking along a long road till I bumped into a diverged road.

One road lead to my usual 'me'

and another lead to some where 'I don know' .

Before holiday came to and end, I have decided to join an event called MIB. An big event which required commitment. The usual me, will love to take up such an event to sharpen up my organizing skill by which it is not my first time to take up as event organizer.

Well, uni life without something else to keep you busy other than study is not fun at all. NO LIFE.

Haih, as a matter of fact, I did not planned to join this event from the very beginning. I am kinda reserved my time and commitment for the upcoming Uni's election after holiday.

But, holiday is almost come to an end, yet no information is reaching my ear. So, without hesitation I have took up the offer of upholding the responsibility of 'tai-xia-chong-zian' (should be person-in-charge below stage). Quite an important post I have, and I am happy with the challenges await me.

Hmmm, Just today... the very begining of 2010. I have been noticed that I am still valid to be nominated as MPMUM's candidate. But heck . . .

As I knew that I have been sticking both of my legs into MIB.

I have been wondered, could I take part in both of this route? Each of this event, will deal a great experience in my life.

But being the rational me, as I am already senior in this University.. I shall knew that it is hard to balance within study and activities.

2 Mega projects = study neglected

1 project + 1 study = another project neglected

study + 0 project = NO LIFE !

You see my dificulty? I have been neglecting my study all the while and realize that I can't play with my study anymore. So, there is no way I will take up two project .

Which one shall I let go?

MIB that filled with 'ren ching wei' ?


MPMUM that make me feels the political world?

I would rather see the MIB as a clear, clean and visible road which 90% of people will choose. I saw how it would end and it is a good ending.

For another route. It is dark, messy and filled with horror. The path is covered by storms and mist. The end is unpredictable. (Uni politic is dirty...shhhh don tell anyone)

But, my curiousity, wanna know what is awaiting me at the end of the 'untaken route'. However, as I have become matured (2nd years.. ahem), it make me feel like playing safe.

So . . . . I guess, I will take the ________ road

*Still considering.. though my decision is quite obvious*


LEe YiN said...

is "tai xia zhong jian"..XD

hmm...If I were you..I'll choose both.. :p

anyway, we will always support u with wat u decide!! jia you bro!!

黑色 said...


plank ton said...

not oni uni politic is dirty.. politic itself is dirty.. u hav da politician characteristic in you but i think you will choose the MIB.. holy holim.. amitabha~

holim said...

sakai.. haha

indeed u r right