Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Kind of Giver r U ?

Ever tried before to GIVE, but never ask for return ?

For what I think, most of people in this world are expecting a return for what they give.

In fact, giving can be in many forms :

Help people out, especially girls in order to win their attention and impression. There it go, we are asking for return in form of their attention and impression. Well, I think most of the guys are like this right?

Even when we are giving out donation to nearby temples or to help out some unfortunate people, indeed in our heart, we are hoping that god will notice and bless us for our good deed. There it go, we are asking for return..

Are there any true giver in this world ?

Often, we came to disappointment. When what we give, do not return as we wished.

Try to think from your point of view... actually, did you ever give something and hope no return?

Anyway, is there a need to become a true giver ? Is there ?


One could become a true giver, then he will never be disappointed by anything. Disappointment is came with expectation. To expect nothing, nothing can disappoint you.

However, if we really could do this . . then I guess we had 9 dots on our bald head already. Haha

Is it wrong to wish for return ?

Of course it don't . . just that we will never win against the 'sensation' of disappointment.


Jyphoon said...
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Jyphoon said...

hahaha. another very meaningful yet difficult to understand advise from sifu holim.. haha. lookslike joining MIB makes you think wiser

夜猫呆呆 said...

Holim, nice post.
Really thanks for the red beans anyway...haha, if u need help, don hesitate to find me ar, I am serious...although I may be not useful as you think lo...=)

Patrick said...

Oh, Sifu! Thanks for the teachings...lol

Meaningful post! =)

holim said...

wtf .. I not sifu la =.= lolx

Just crapping around