Monday, January 18, 2010

Glad that I see morning

Are you sure you gonna wake up tomorrow morning ?

Often, we are so sure that we are young and have a countless day ahead. So, we have waste our days and nights. Pushing our works and promises to other day.

So, we end our day doing nothing and head to our bed just like every other nights.

Are you sure you are gonna wake up tomorrow ?

This might be our last night, and tomorrow we will be cold and stiff like woods.

Have you say sorry to your parents before sleep? Have you confess your feeling to the one you love?

Be able to wake up every morning is a gift, because we are still given a chance to forgive the one that hurt you, to seek apology to the one you hurt, and to repay your debt to your parents.

Life is like a broken tape. It keep replaying without us knowing that we are actually doing the same thing each time, if you are believe in reborn cycle. From small, we learn how to socialize, and then working hard to accomplish our vision. As we successfully built our empire, be it millionaire or billionaire, we will eventually become old and then die. Leaving our treasures and knowledge behind.

We undergo reborn and the cycle restart, just like a broken tape. Begin our life as white paper.
Human are self-fish in nature. We fight for our right and we try to become stronger than other so that we could excel and successful. In business, we do not mind to suppress our competitor, even by causing them to bankrupt. But in the end, we could not take along all of this to our grave.

Food for thought.. if we are really undergo countless of reborn cycle, doesn't mean that we have doing useless thing all the while ?

Should we stop to think for ourselves, and start contributing to society ? hmm . .


Bravebear said...

I might be Einstein in my past life! LOL!

Anonymous said...

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope...................................................